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We all know what chlorophyll is... its what makes green things green, but I know chlorophyll as the liquid that cools me down. Back when I was a mini fab, my parents gave me liquid chlorophyll to drink. It taste like mint so I didn't care at the time, but now that Im a fab adult I drink liquid chlorophyll for a variety of reasons.  Chlorophyll has a number of amazing health benefits including removing germs in your body, along with some healing and antioxidant properties, but its also fabulous as a everyday mix in a glass of ice cold water. While people are going crazy over infused waters (I cant get with infused water for some reason) Im sitting fabulously sipping chlorophyll water. 

Recently my mom came across liquid chlorophyll in GNC and she picked up a bottle for me. I am a woman that sweats a lot even in the winter. Sometimes its a internal heat that I feel inside that makes me sweat and sometimes Im just damn hot. And if your like me and sweat a lot, you also have a fear of smelling. Everyone has their own distinct body odor but lets face it, sweat smells and if you sweat a lot like me,  you are constantly washing up, showering, and making sure you have on deodorant. Liquid chlorophyll is an internal deodorant, so after consistently drinking it, the chlorophyll will start to cleanse and deodorize you from the inside out. 

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, chlorophyll, water, why I drink chlorophyll water

Another main reason I like to drink chlorophyll is because its refreshing and its keeps you cool. In the summer months I load up on chlorophyll water with lots of ice. I add about 3-4 squirts to about 32oz of cold water and drink it through out the day and in the winter, I go down to about 16oz.  Some days I'm chugging this water down because it provides an instant cooling effect for me. And it actually tastes good with a very slight sweetness. 

And finally the best reason of them all..... it helps control hunger! Now this will be different for everyone but I notice that when I drink chlorophyll water consistently, my need to eat becomes less and less. Now this doesn't mean that I don't want to eat fabulously because trust me I ALWAYS want to eat fabulously. It doesn't stop you from eating all together but it does help control the feeling of being hungry. 

I buy Nature's Way Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll from any GNC store or you can purchase it HERE 

Check out some more amazing health benefits of chlorophyll water below. 

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** chlorophyll is what works for me. It may not work for everyone and thats ok. If you are squeezing to much and its too strong it will make your stomach hurt. I use 3-4 squirts in about 32 oz of water or 1-2 squirts in a full glass of water like in the above photos. If this makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway please stop drinking it and flush your system with water. ** 


  1. I like the taste of Green supplements, if you have ever tried a shot wheat grass juice, you know exactly what I’m talking about! On the other hand, there are few people like me, who like the taste of green drinks.

    1. Wheat grass shots will wake you right up! I have to find different ways to get additional greens I even take alfalfa tablets as well.



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