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Inspired by my Pinterest board appropriately titled, "Fab Inspiration" I thought it would be a great idea to bring some inspiration to the blog!  Be sure to check the blog every Monday for fabulousness. 

This is a big one. I once compared myself to someone else's "public" accomplishments. I got so worked up I started to cry, kick and scream. I compared because I "felt" nothing was happening for me while this person seemed to have announced something big out of almost thin air. Come to find out, the person not only put all the fake pieces together themselves to make it appear like magic was happening... they flat out lied. I felt horrible. 

A lot of times we compare ourselves to other without even hearing the smallest portion of the story. Its super easy to get caught up in the times of constant society pressure and most of all, social media. You will never be fully fabulous chasing behind someone else. This is your fabulous life, not there's and you never know, they could be worse off than you can ever imagine. So, be yourself, whatever that is, but most of all be fabulous. 

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