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I am not an "appaholic". I, for some reason don't like to download apps in fear that its going to take up space on my devices. Weird I know. Aside from the app essentials that come on the phone I very rarely have any "fun" apps on my iPhone, and if I do its usually social media stuff or like Snapchat or Tinder. The apps I DO have on my devices are very specific, usually helping me work better, photo editing apps and anything to keep my life organized. Recently I've been downloading more apps and in finding these apps Ive become addicted to them! These 5 new apps Im loving help me keep my blog content flowing, help me learn on the go and help me turn down at night. 

Evernote - My goodness I love Evernote. So much so that I have downloaded it on EVERY device I own. Ive always noticed that bloggers of all stages swear by Evernote over the years but I was like hey its just another note pad, I don't need it. I was wrong. Evernote is the best way to keep track of your notes, thoughts and to-do list. I downloaded it on my iPhone.. then my iPad and then on my Macbook. It automatically syncs on every device its signed in on and its super easy to use. I even wrote my 5 Reasons Why Going To Target is Better Than Millennial Dating  blog post on Evernote. I wrote my to-do list for the month of August on it from my iPad and since my iPhone is glued to my hand I can keep up with the list from there. I have the free version, but that have 3 levels to fit your business needs. 

Buffer -  Buffer like Evernote saves my Twitter life. I came across Buffer on another bloggers list of her favorite apps for social media about a year ago and Ive been using it ever since. I have my Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin account connected and I can schedule all of my posts for as long as I want. I also have this downloaded on all of my devices so when Im away from my laptop I can at least quickly schedule a few tweets or rebuffer some popular tweets thanks to Buffers built in analytics. 

-screams-  although you have to manually post, you can load all of your Instagram photos up with captions, appropriate hashtags, and schedule a time you want the post to go up all from the Latergramme app on your phone or web browser. Latergramme will then send you a remind when its time to post your photo and you just swipe the app open and hit post! 

Periscope - At first I thought "Im not going to download Periscope I don't need another app on my phone" but I did and Im actually enjoying it. Periscope is a live stream by the good folks over at Twitter and whoever you are watching, the video is saved for 24 hours. Ive been watching alot of bloggers getting tips and insight and its great that you can watch these videos right from your phone. I was even watching a stream while I was getting my nails done a few days ago. Im actually starting weekly Periscope streams every Wednesday at 7pm. Be sure to download the app and follow me on Persicope at @SpeedyLVFoodie 

Pinterest - This is what I use to wind down at night and breathe. Pinterest is my way of relaxation, a way to calm me down from all the blog post dancing in my head. I have a vision board that I made myself that hangs up in my bedroom, but Im also building a virtual vision board with these fab images on Pinterest. I also use this app to find blogs and even get work, desk, bedroom and life inspiration. 

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