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Turkey burgers get a bad wrap and Im here to make them fab! Turkey burgers are a staple in my home and we fall in love with them every time we make them. Whether it be with a mound of toppings or just simply with mayo, whenever we have them for dinner a "wow we should eat these more often"  follows after the last bite.  

The connotation of turkey burgers being dry maybe true but these fab turkey burger aren't. As I believe that fat is flavor, I use the same notion that I make a regular hamburger with when I'm using ground turkey. A 93/7 ground turkey, meaning its 93% lean ground turkey with 7% fat in the mix. Fat is key when making any burger because the fat helps make the burger juicy and stay moist while cooking and it helps it not stick to the pan. The most popular fat/meat ratio you see today is 80/20 or 70/30.  To take your turkey burger from bland to fabulous, make sure there is a percentage of fat in the mix or add your own fat, such as small cubes of cold butter or even some chopped up bacon. 

Next as any burger, a turkey burger deserves a good hard sear. As always use a hot skillet. No need to constantly press down on your burger. Pressing down releases all the juice on the inside and hey! you want that goodness. I recommend flipping your burger a maximum of 2 times. First the initial flip and then a 2nd flip right before you put your desired cheese on. You will know your turkey burger is cooked all the way through once the sizzle from your skillet begins to quiet down. 

Finally, remove your turkey burger from the skillet and a leave it alone for 5 minutes. This allows the juices on the inside to redistribute themselves, and gives you a better burger. This should be done after cooking all meat! Now add your favorite burger condiments and toppings and eat fab! Don't forget the smoked paprika fries! 

Fab Turkey Burgers 

93/7 Lean Ground Turkey, I used Shady Brook Farms Ground Turkey 
Potato Rolls 
Cheddar cheese, sliced 
Tomato, sliced 
Avocado, optional  
Fried Egg, Optional 
Your favorite condiments are always fab 

Heat a skillet with oil over medium heat. In a large bowl season ground turkey with your favorite seasonings including salt and pepper. This is the time to add in the fat. Shape burgers into desired thickness and cook in your hot skillet. When turkey burger is cooked though, place on a paper towel to rest and catch any excess oil. Pile on your favorite topping and eat fab. 

Condiment tips! 
~slice tomatoes thick and season with salt and pepper before adding to your burger 
~mix store bought mayo with lime juice, lime zest and salt and pepper 
~shred your cheese on a grater for faster melting on your burger 
~ One word: Bacon 

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