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I got fired.. AHHHH! No really, I got fired recently and I have mixed feelings about it. This means more time for Eating Fabulously.. more time to get myself together...more time to grow.. but as a normal human being I cant help but think about my monetary accounts and my future. Sometimes getting fired is a gift from above. Its like a booty bump from the universe to push you in the right direction of living your best life. I truly believe this is happening. Im now more than ever focused on Eating Fabulously and the content I put out. Im also exploring and reading more on how to develop and grow the blog. If you have gotten let go for your job recently, as the song says don't panic! .... Here are 4 Things You Can Do When You Get Fired ... 

1. Relax - You finally get to take a nap! Go to the park in the afternoon! Enjoy a ice cream cone. I know its a natural instinct to panic and worry when you get fired. I do the same thing. Breathe...relax... look at the bright side and things you would do differently even when you are flustered. 

2. Donate - Being unemployed is the perfect time to donate. Whether it be your time at a shelter helping the less fortunate, reading to a class of kids, or cleaning your home and donating your clothes, this free time can be used to help and enhance others. 

3. Plan -  Now is the time to plan out your next move. When we jump from job to job we often are moving so fast on money making decisions, schedules, and job perks that we don't take the time out to really figure out what we want to do next. Now is the time to research a company, office culture and all the things that matter. Can this job move me around in the company? Am I willing to move to a new state? These are options you can really weigh and figure out what works best for your next steps. 

4. Explore - Maybe you have been meaning to join a new gym.... or take a online class. With this new found free time you can explore your options. Start a new book, travel without worry, explore a new cuisine with friends. Exploring new things will help open you horizons and even show you a new career path. 

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  1. Totally IN LOVE with this post! I may be a bit biased because you're using an image I took lol - but other than that, I know far too well the feeling of being fired. Happened to me once THE DAY AFTER I graduated high school smh, talk about welcome to the real world lol. They sucked anyway - I left, they got shut down #karma lol - anyway, all four points were things I did for sure, Especially numero uno.

  2. It's so beautiful to see you being so positive about your situation. We've all been in this situation before, but there's something grand that God has in store for you. Sending you blessings!



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