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I truly enjoy being a woman. The older I get, the more I am coming into my own and accepting the everyday feelings of what being a woman brings. From the make up, hair cuts, cramps, and more... being a woman is amazing. What do I also love about being a fab woman? Great boobs... more specifically great boobs in a great bra.  

I had started noticing some recent changes in my body lately and an even bigger change was my bra. I noticed that my cups where literally running over. Every new bra I was trying on in my "size" was too small.  So with that, I knew what I had to do... Get fitted for a bra. 


As I headed to my bra fitting with mixed emotions, I figured, hey I just went up 1 size and I will buy myself a cupcake after to ease the pain.  As I stepped in the fitting room to get measured, I was ok .... until the girl announced my new size. "Umm what? Excuse me? Who? " all came flying out of my mouth when the kind and gentle employee delivered the news of my new bra size.... about 3-4 sizes larger than my last.  A "bish wheettt! came out as well. 

As I tried on my new bras I was just perplexed. How did I get here !! BLASPHEMY! I paid for my 2 new bras in my new size and headed to Chipotle with my friend to sooth my soul...Patron margarita please.  It took me a week to embrace my new bra size as I paced back and fourth staring at the unopened shopping bag on my desk. A week later I was ready... 

Ready to try on my new bras. As I strapped up, dipped, pulled and tugged I looked in the mirror, and it fit. IT FIT! As I put my favorite V- neck t-shirt on and jumped up and down, nothing moved. This new bra was amazing, and it was only amazing because it fit properly. And then it hit me, Im running in the same bra circle as Amber Rose ! -twerks- 

With a properly fitted bra you, 

  • Stand up straighter 
  • Your clothes fit better 
  • Your frame is sleeker (i.e. back rolls be gone!) 
  • Umm hello, instant breast lift! 
  • You walk straighter and taller, good posture is always fab! 
  • Hey fab boobs! 
Ladies, there is nothing worse than seeing a fabulous woman in a ill fitting bra. There is never a reason to feel fab, eat fab, dress fab, believe in a fabulous life... and your breast are sitting comfortably on top of your stomach. NEVER! Head to your favorite department store or lingerie shop and simply asked to get fitted for a bra. Its just that simple. Wearing a sexy well fitted bra makes you instantly happy no matter if someone sees it or if you just need a little boost of confidence that day. So, lets all be lifted and separated, by a fabulous bra. 

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