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Aside from my everyday job and blogging fabulously, a part of said job at the restaurant is assisting customers with reservations. Ive been in the restaurant industry for pretty much most of my life and I always assumed that people knew how to make a reservations. I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I was unaware that people didn't know how to make a proper reservation and it put me in complete shock. 

With all the restaurants in NYC and in the world, reservations are made every second of the day. With reservation sites like the wonderful and glorious OpenTable ,  Im assuming people are forgetting how to use their words.  It struck me that I needed to make sure my fabulous eaters know how to make reservations properly, so here are my 4 tips for making fab reservations... 

1. Know Where You're Eating  - It amazes me that after I say my standard "Thank you for calling xxxxxx how can I help you!".... people have no idea how I can help them. Literally. Questions like "What restaurant did I call" come through the phone lines often. Be sure to know where you are eating, have the time you would like to dine and the number of people joining you for dinner. These are simple but vital pieces of information that's needed to make the perfect reservation. 

2. Get Some Facts - Head to the restaurants website at some point before calling to make a rezzi. Pretty much all the info you will ever need about said restaurant is there. Of course you have questions and want to talk to a live person, but reverting back to tip number 1, at least know the basic standard facts about a place before you tie up the restaurants phone lines. Open and closing times, policies, and menu's can typically all be found on the site. 

3. Be Nice - "Reservation, 2, 7pm" - > NOT THE WAY TO CALL AND MAKE A RESERVATION.  I know time is of the essence, but basic manners still apply even in the bustling restaurant industry. Please now that we deal with a lot of people on an everyday basis and we know who is going to be polite and who is not. Being polite will not only help the flow of the reservation but it may also cause you to get a great table. 

4. Call Ahead-  Last minute things happen, of course they do..its called life! But if you know you have a reservation on a busy Friday night at 7pm (restaurant prime time) for a table of 6 and you would like to add 5 more people to make it a table for 11 but 1 person will join the table at 8:30pm.... just know that this may not happen.  The restaurant industry is a fast paced business and we cant always make every customer request happen. If you have a change or need a reservation adjusted, please call ahead. 

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