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Every now and then you come across something that you cant stop eating. Something so good and even unique that after you have it once or twice, you tell everyone you know, that you are eating good and enjoying it.  Its a domino effect of deliciousness that starts with you and spirals out of control until you find yourself eating this new craze by the spoonfuls. With spring in the air, I pulled out this delicious recipe from a few years ago. This quick lentil salad is perfect in the spring with a salad for lunch, or spooned over roasted chicken for dinner. 

When I first tasted this lentil salad a couple years ago, it seemed like there were a ton of ingredients in it. Im thinking something red like tomato or roasted pepper, and I swore there was some type of Italian dressing in here also.  The lentils that are used can be purchased  already cooked courtesy of Trader Joe's.   Also a bonus in this recipe is that all of the ingredients if purchased from Trader Joe's comes to $20 or less! 


2 pkg Trader Joe's cooked lentils 
2 container Trader Joe's Mediterranean style crumbled feta cheese 
1 small onion, minced 
the juice of 1-2 whole lemons
1/2 c. olive oil 

** Make 1 day ahead to allow the lemon juice to "cook" the raw onions. Eat with pita chips, by itself of with anything you enjoy! 

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