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During my early teenage years I absolutely hated washing my face.
Face washing for me as a teen was like eating vegetables for kids, it was just not going to happen.  Thank goodness I grew out of that. For the past few years now Ive been becoming more conscious of how I take care of my face. Looking at the women and the men in my family, we are blessed with great genes but I also want to beat aging to the punch. 

My mom started using adult facial products when she was 15 years old. Im several years behind, but on my recent 29th birthday I noticed a change. I had run out of my own face moisturizer and was quickly grabbing a small amount of my mom's RevitaLift Triple Power Deep Acting Moisturizer 

As I grabbed a pinch each day, I noticed how it instantly made my face look tighter, brighter and smoother, so instead of stealing I went out to go buy some. To my luck, the store didn't have this particular one but my mom suggested I try her favorite the RevitaLift Double Lifting Cream. The double pump comes with a ultra tightening gel and a anti-wrinkle cream.  You have to pump both sides in your hand and apply on your face and viola! 
Fab skin. Ive been using it every day since I bought it and Im loving how refreshed and bright my face has been looking. So much so I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup lately. 

Head to your local drug store or order a bottle and fight the aging process early! 

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