Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, restaurant review, Carbone, Italian, NYC

I went to Carbone a little over 3 weeks ago and my mind is still blown.  Named "the most expensive red sauce in New York City", Carbone is a throwback to the Italian-American restaurants of New York via the mid-20th century. The Torrisi boys as I like to call them, took everything that screams old school Italian and placed it in this booming restaurant on Thompson street in Soho....including the feeling that the Italian mob was sitting to my right and my left. 

After a few weeks of stalking open reservations on OpenTable, my dinner date and I headed to Carbone with sheer anxiety. Anxiety because after reading a few online reviews, the cloud of "the price tag of this dinner is too much" loomed over us all week. iMessages with "do we really want to go to Carbone" filled my unlimited data plan. 
 I have no problem paying for a great dinner, but with mixed reviews online, my friend and I had mixed feelings. 

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, restaurant review, Carbone, Italian, NYC

Arriving at dinner on a cold snowy night, Carbone was packed with happy diners and the staff was whizzing around the dimly lit dining room with trays of dessert and Caesar salads. Excited to the core, we asked our waiter to assist us in ordering and set us up hella lovely with staggered courses of gawt damn deliciousness. Here's what we dined on..

Octopus Pizzaiolo

Tortellini al Ragu 
Spicy Rigatoni Vodka 
Halibut Picata 
Veal Parmesean 
3 glasses of Lamberti Prosecco 

As we shared the octopus appetizer with this deliciously sweet mixture of peppers, my life flashed before my eyes when we got to the pasta courses.  Im a sucker for homemade al dente pasta and the pasta at Carbone is #bae. The spicy rigatoni was creamy and borderline sinful and the tortellini was just as the waiter described it.. "pillows filled with love". We added a side of meatballs to our pasta course as suggested by our server and these meatballs were pure perfection. Perfectly fresh and light, breaking into them was more than our hearts could handle. 

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, restaurant review, Carbone, Italian, NYC

Our entree's came next and this ginormous veal parmesan was placed in front of us..including the bone. :: hands in the air emoji::  I love meat and this veal was thicker than your average veal parm, saucy and topped with fresh mozzarella cheese. We also had no shame getting the meat off that bone either, just FYI. Breathing through our mouths at this point, the halibut picata was amazingly buttery and yet again sinful. As we sat in silence at how delicious this food was, we both said out loud "It feels like we just did something wrong!". Yes fabulous eaters, the food at Carbone is so good it makes you feel like you have done something terribly wrong..  Since dining at Carbone, my dining partner and I have tried to come up with ways that we can eat at Carbone weekly including taking on 4 part time jobs, and not taking cabs to work for a month. Lets see how this pans out. 

Oh yea, and never listen to online reviews. Carbone is worth all of next months rent money. 

181 Thompson Street 
between Bleecker and Houston 
New York, N.Y. 10002


  1. Yes ma'am! My friends took me to Carbone for my birthday and I loved every bite! Definitely worth it!!!



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