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Im so glad its a new year. A lot of ups and downs occurred in 2014 and like any other woman, when life happens your appearance takes a back seat.  A new year has brought new ideas, thoughts and determination...and also a new look. 

I have been experimenting with new lipsticks, clothes and most of all hair styles lately. The more I feel better about what lies ahead this year and continue to drop the stress and the fear of the unknown, my look seems to match my adventurous mood. A very large part of me now wants be more open, make strong solid decisions and not apologize for anything that I say, do or feel. Also, its winter and I don't want to comb my hair.. Blah. 

If you think switching up your style can be costly, think again. Everything I have on my face in the above picture was under $100. Im pretty sure the most expensive thing I have on might be my hair! Im a drugstore girl and CVS, Duane Read and the beauty supply store are my go to's for shopping on a budget. Whether its trying a new lipstick, a new brand of lashes or trying a new hair color, I head to the drugstore to practice before diving into big purchases. You can start with small changes for a small price. And if you don't like something? Try something new! Thats what shopping fab is all about! Because lets face it, id rather throw away a $5 matte lipstick than a $35 matte lipstick any day! Take a look at how Im staying fab, for under $100. 

Bare Mineral's Foundation   - $30 

Maybelline FIT Me Concealer - $10 

Lashes  - $3 

Mascara  - $10 

Brows - $3  I use a variety of brow/eye pencils, about 3 (1 dark brown, 1 black, and 1 cream) to achieve the brow I like. 

Lipstick  - $1 + $5.95 Matte lipstick on top, I found at H&M. 

Hair - Jamaican Twist Braid Hair - $20  - I bought 4 packs of hair - Check out my friend Kelly's Youtube video on how I learned how to do my own crotchet braids. 

Crotchet Braiding Hook - $1 

Gold Hoops - $1

                                   TOTAL:  $84.95 

              What new looks are you trying in 2015? 
                     Leave in the comments below! 

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