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I always love people who get out there, do their own thing and do it well. My favorite food blogger, David of devourthecity.com  has put a new spin on pizza and the pop up. Launching 5B Pizza Pop Up, David has taught himself how to make some dope pizza's, naming them after hip hop aficionado's and he slings his pie's at monthly pop-up's around NYC.  Learn more about the 5 pies that David will be making at this months 5B pizza pop up on January 31st, and click the link after the jump to purchase your tickets! 

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, pizza, pop-up, 5B,

"I got into making pizza because I came home drunk late one night and I wanted pizza, but nothing is open at 2am around me. So, I went on eBay, bought a peel, pizza stone, and a cutter for $30. I figured now I'll never be left without pizza. Over time I kind of became infatuated with it. I went from buying dough at a local pizza shop to coming up with my own dough recipe using different types of flour, yeasts, techniques, etc. 

I always made pizza for friends and family, and once made pizza at this little superclub thing my friend put together in her apartment. Anyway, fast forward a year later, at dinner with a few friends and my friend Jeff offered up his apartment in Tribeca for the pop-up. It was small scale, only 20 seats. Tribeca Citizen ended picked up the story about the pop-up and we sold out in 24 hours. The rest is history. 
All the dough is made with King Arthur flour and we do a 24/48 hour cold fermentation, just to give the dough a little more flavor. All of our proteins and cheeses are from local Salumeria's in South Brooklyn like Bari Pork store, A&S Pork store, and Meat supreme. 
The sauce is san marzano tomatoes that are slow cooked for 24+ hours. We're also in the process of making our own fresh mozzarella curds to make the cheese. Also we serve a cannoli with homemade cannoli creme" . - David O. 
Purchase tickets for the 5B Pizza Pop Up on January 31st  HERE 

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