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The older I get the more I understand that everything comes full circle! A few years ago, I meet Kelly Augustine, a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger and all around fab woman. Shortly after meeting we realized that we both had mutual friends(but had never met!)  AND I began writing about food and restaurants on her former website. Now, conquering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, work and being all around fab, I catch up with Kelly to chat fabulously about her favorite no fail meal, food trends, and the foods she will never eat. 

~Where did you get your education from? 
Kelly Brown - I have a BA in Advertising and Public Relations from CCNY and a certified Brand Manager from Fashion Institute of Technology

What is your current position? 
KB - I currently work at a Family Communications and Community Outreach at a private school in Harlem by day, super amazing incredible blogger by night, haha.

What is your food philosophy? 
KB - Eat what feels good to you. There are times when I'm craving an incredible salad, and days when I just absolutely must have caramel ice cream!

Where do you go for a no-fail meal? 
KB - You know what, Dallas BBQ's is no-fail for me. I can stop in for a taco salad or baked chicken and veggies anytime and I know for a fact it will be good. Please don't judge me!

What's one item that can always be found in your kitchen? 
KB - I'm a hot sauce girl, through and through. I have about six different bottles in my kitchen right now. I put hot sauce on meats, breakfast, name it.
Christopher Stewart, blogger, Kelly Augustine, fashion, eating fabulously,

Finish this sentence... "I will never eat".... 
KB - .... Intestines. The texture and the smell make me gag!

What's your food related guilty pleasure? 
KB - I love anything with caramel in it. I can sit and eat dulce de leche ice cream or Americone Dream all day. It's really bad. I also love, love, love pickles. Bring me a jar of Full Sours from Pickle Me Pete's and I'm wrapped around your finger.

Do you follow any food trends? 
KB - I do! I try to make it out with my friends every once in a while to try crazy things - I was so bummed I didn't get to Smorgasburg this summer. In fact, my friend Stephanie and I love to try out restaurants so much, we are planning to start a food blog (you're the first to know! haha)
Christopher Stewart, blogger, Kelly Augustine, fashion, eating fabulously,

If you could have anything, what would be your ideal meal?
KB - I am obsessed with chicken and waffles. No matter where I am, if it's on the menu I get it. I've had some REALLY good ones and some pretty bad plates. It's all about the waffle, it can throw the plate off completely.

What are some of your favorite food spots? 
KB - I live for Melba's chicken and waffles. Flex Mussels is one of my favorite summer stop-ins for incredible mussels and seafood, and Bad Horse Pizza is the fanciest pizza shop uptown. Happy hour at Barawine is such a great after-work spot for a wine happy hour, and Verlaine gets my nights started when I'm downtown, I'll stop in for a quick $5 lychee martini.


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