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As I am not ready for the cold air, I am however ready for apples. I love apples and when the season arrives, Im making room in my kitchen for these babies. Each year it seems like my mom and I discover a new apple that we have never eaten before, and this year is no different. Having a crisp juicy apple at night has become my favorite thing to do during the fall. This year I have 2 tried and true favorites and a new apple we came across that has quickly become a new addition on our list. I personally enjoy a more firm harder piece of fruit so these 3 apples have a really deep crunch. 

What are some of your favorite apples to enjoy? Let me know in the comments below ! 

Envy - a cross between a Royal gala apple and a Braeburn apple, Im loving this new find. The envy apple is smaller than say a honey crisp but packs the same punch. This reminds me of a fancier fuji apple. Im not certain of their time span but when  you see them, grab them! 

SweeTango - FABULOUSSSSS! Sweetango apples make me excited because they are so delicious but are only in season for a short period of time, so that means eat as many as you can. These are my favorite and as soon as the season comes around, Im ready and prepaired for Sweetango apples. I make sure I stock up on these at WholeFoods even thought the price of these apples cuts into my mascara fund. 

Honey Crisp - I know these apples have been available for a lengthy period of time, but I always bypassed them and made a b-line for my beloved fuji apples. I know Im late but honey crisp apples are amazing. They are very crisp, sweet and tart all at the same time and are perfect for soothing a sweet tooth and when sliced are the perfect sturdy Nutella dipper. 

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