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If you think working is hard, try resigning from your job to start your own. Or... let Karlie Hustle tell you how. Resigning from popular radio station Hot 97 as their music director, Karlie is now hustling, literally.  Partnering with GoodWood, Karlie now has her own line of wooden bow ties donning the phrase HUSTLE, along with launching her own Youtube series called, "Karlie Hustle's How To Quit Your Job" .  

If thats not enough she is hustling her new "Im BU:SY " tees, and popping up everywhere, the ultimate hustle. I reached out to Karlie to chat fabulously about all things food, her favorite places to eat in NYC and her ideal meal. 

Where did you get your education from?
Karlie Hustle - I graduated from Portland Community College in Oregon in 2001 with a BS in Business (Marketing and Advertising).

What is your current position?
KH - I've recently resigned from Hot 97 and I am currently self-employed. My company/brand is K.Hustle, and I am most known for my Hustle Bow Tie line. People can learn more about my hand-crafted accessories at

What is your food philosophy?
KH - Quick, clean and healthy. Mostly vegetarian, but I have my moments with chicken.

Where do you go for a no fail meal?
KH - Juice Hugger in Crown Heights. This local business in Brooklyn embodies my food philosophy to the tee. Fresh, raw juices. Awesome wraps and salads. They recently added breakfast. They flavor vegan fare so it isn't bland and boring, and they also have some meat options as well for the carnivores.

What's 1 item that can always be found in your kitchen?
KH - Garlic. I don't want to know a life without it.

Finish this sentence... "I will never eat".....
KH - Dolphin or shark.

What's your food related guilty pleasure?
KH - Wing Stop Boneless Hickory-Smoked BBQ Wings. You Must Capitalize Everything About Them And Around Them Because They Are Just That Good.

Do you follow any food trends?
KH - Not purposely. But I do succumb to them when I go places, and for whatever reason, everything is suddenly covered in truffle oil or made with kale.

If you could have anything , what would be your ideal meal?
KH - Give me a plate of roasted garlic, tomatoes and brussel sprouts, and I'm a happy girl. Toss in some olive oil, salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes. Let them get all caramelized. This makes me happy.

What are some of your favorite food spots?
KH - I love Noodle Bar on Carmine in the West Village. Their Red Bean Masala is a staple for me. I also love Juice Generation if I'm in the city. They have a Get Your Green On juice with mint, pineapple and kale that is fantastic.


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