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Happy  Friday ! Im really enjoying these fab lifestyle posts and this week its all about HAIR! Its been a couple of years since I made the big chop and cut my hair and what a journey it has been. From finding the right style, salon, and adjusting to the new attitude that comes along with a new hair cut, cutting your hair will literally change your life. Im loving the feelings that having a short cut brings. There is no more hiding behind a head full of hair. With a short hair cut, having short hair propels you into carrying yourself differently. Now all the attention is constantly on your face and appearance and with that brings a new love of self. 

    "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life"....  
                                                   - Coco Chanel  

short hair, pixie, Harlem, Christopher Stewart, Fab lifestyle, eating fabulously
Spiked pixie! 

I must admit having short hair requires work. I make bi-weekly trips to the hair salon and if Im not able to make it, I wash, condition and wet wrap my hair at home. I also make sure to get hair cuts regularly. You will be surprised how much your hair grows when you keep cutting it off! Every few weeks, I get a halo-relaxer in between my regularly scheduled relaxers as well. Adding a little relaxer to the sides and the back of your hair helps with keeping your sides and the hair at the nape of your neck smooth and in tact. 

But then there comes a time when I want some hair... and then I go out and get some. I love having braids! Everyone feels differently about braiding, but I personally love braids. Whether cornrows, individuals, or my new found love crotchet braids,  braids just work fabulously for my life. I get braids every so often to give my hair (and myself) a rest. Braids for me is a time to not only let my hair color grow out but to allow my relaxer to grow out as well. Im one of the few people willing to sit for 5+ hours getting my hair braided because I know that for the next 2-4 months I wont have to comb my hair. 

Christopher Stewart, fab lifestyle, hair, Carols Daughter, eating fabulously
Rockin micro braids! 
For my micro braids I use human hair (that the salon has on hand) and I get the front, back and sides in individual micro braids and the middle of my head with weave. This technique cuts down on the amount of time you sit in the chair yet still gives you the same effects and I also know I will be doing very minimal styling. When I know I will be styling my braids often, I get my entire head in micro braids. I make sure to add moisturizer to my scalp while I have braids to reduce damage and dryness after I remove them. I get dandruff sometimes, and braids and dandruff are not fab. Before I get braids, I wash my hair with Head and Shoulder's Dandruff shampoo and condition with a rich creamy moisturizing conditioner. 


Crotchet Braids ! 

And then I feel in love with crotchet braids. Crotchet braids begin with basic cornrows and then hair is literally crocheted under the cornrows. The result? This big puffy beautiful natural looking head of hair. Check out my friend Kelly's Youtube video on how I learned how to do my own crotchet braids. 

Always love a good weave! 
As much as I love braids, I also love weaves. I wanted to try something new for my upcoming birthday, and this style has HAPPY BIRTHDAY written all over it. 

                                                                    Fab Hair Tips! 
~Before you make the big chop, look at multiple pictures of various types of hair styles. Take these photos with you to your hair salon. Your perception and your stylist perception of your hair cut could be two totally different things. 

~Allow your new hair cut to grow on you. Give it some time, it takes a minute to get accustom to this new fab face in the mirror. 

~Remember, the shorter the hair, the bigger the accessories. Makeup, lashes, and accessories should become larger and more visible as your hair gets shorter and shorter. 

~ Don't be afraid of products! Now that your hair is shorter gel, styling mousse, and puddy can help in keeping your hair style fab. 

~Before you get your hair braided wash and deep condition with moisturizing products. You will have braids in for a few and want to keep your hair moisturized. 

~Let the person know if they are pulling your hair too tightly when braiding. Not everyone is lucky to grow hair back from breakage. 

~If your braids are too tight, take a pain killer and hop in the shower. The steam will help loosen your braids a little. 

~Gently put your braids in one style until they loosen so you aren't pulling on your hair. 

Some of my favorite hair products include: 

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner  $22

Head & Shoulder's Dry Scalp Care 2-in-1 with Almond Oil 

Creme of Nature w/ Aragan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse  - $5

Ampro Prostyle gel  - $1

Design Essentials Edge Control -$15 

Crotchet Braid Hair Jamaican Twist Braid Hair - $20  - I buy 4 packs of hair 

Weave Hair - Outre Premium Purple Pack Hair - $80 - I bought 3 packs in lengths 14", 18" & 18" 

I get my hair done at the following salons: 

Elite Conceptions Hair Lounge 
203 West 144th street 
New York, N.Y. 10030
212. 234. 9144 

Apollo Beauty Land 
240 West 125th Street 
New York, N.Y. 10027 
** braiding/weaves are done upstairs 

Fanta Hair Braiding 
2038 5th Avenue (corner of 126th street)         
New York, N.Y. 10035 
212 . 289 . 3830 
** Ask for Sanago. 

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