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Many moons ago when I was a fab youngster, I had to wear glasses for reading. It didn't bother me much but as I got older and began having to wear glasses everyday just to see across the street, it hit me; if I have to wear glasses to see, they might as well be fab! 

glasses, frames, contact lenses, Christopher Stewart, Fab Lifestyle, Eating Fabulously

Wearing glasses can be just as fun as switching up your hair style or adding color to your wardrobe. Like anything else, you have to find your style in frames that not only fit your face but your personality as well.  I have over 8+ pairs of glasses and each one fits my personality and style. Before I cut my hair my frames were smaller and varied in bright colors. Now that I have a short hair cut my frames are larger, darker and are in a variety of sizes. As much as I love wearing glasses on any given day, I also enjoy wearing contact lenses as well.  Contact lenses, like glasses allow you to switch up your style. I can wear fun and trendy non-prescription frames that I find while out shopping, sunglasses and also heavier eye makeup. I make sure that I alternate between glasses and contact lenses about 2x a week just to give my eyes a rest. 

My favorite brand of contact lenses so far that I wear often are Air Optix Aqua and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua. Once I put the lenses in place, it feels like I have nothing in my eye and I can wear them all day without any irritation. You can sleep in these as well. If I do fall asleep with my lenses in, I make sure to thoroughly rinse them with solution the next day before popping them back in. 

glasses, Christopher Stewart, Fab Lifestyle, Warby Parker, Eating Fabulously
Im wearing the Crosby frame from Warby Parker 

Lately, I have fell in love with Warby Parker, the online glasses and sunglasses website. Not only can you choose 5 pairs of glasses and have them sent to you for in home try on (for free!), Warby Parker glasses are $95, prescription lenses included!  I also love the fact that when you purchase a pair of glasses at Warby Parker, they give a pair of glasses to a person in need. How fab is that! I also go to my regular eye doctor in Brooklyn for my yearly check up and to keep my prescriptions up to date. 

Christopher Stewart, glasses, contact lenses, style, Fab Lifestyle,

Some glasses and contact lens tips! 

- Make sure your glasses fit your face and style. Take a friend with you when trying on frames for an honest opinion. 

-If frames are sliding off of your face, take them into any eyeglass shop and have the arms tightening and adjusted on your ear. Its not fab to keep fixing your frames. 

- Transition lenses are amazing! Have transition lenses added to your frames so you don't have to switch between prescription lenses and sunglasses. 

- Make sure your contact lenses are your correct vision numbers. When incorrect the lens will literally pop out of your eye! 

-Keep a spare pair of frames, lens case and solution in your bag just in case you have to take your contact lenses out in an emergency. 

- Keep your vision prescriptions up to date! Its a great way to be able to quickly order lenses or frames. 

- Experiment with fun non-prescription lenses while you have your contact lenses in. No one has to know they aren't prescription frames! 

Sharper Vision 
Dr. Desmond Parkin, O.D.                                          
196 Prospect Place 
(Ground Floor) 
Brooklyn, NY 11238 


  1. I'm still hunting for good frames for my RX. Where are the other frames from?

    1. The other frames pictured are from Sharper Visions in BK. The address and the doctor's name are at the end of the post!

  2. Ok. You gave the name of the frames from Warby in the caption so it wasn't clear that all of the others came from SV. Thanks.

  3. One tip to get used to your prescription glasses is to ensure that you wear them consistently as you do your daily chores. This will help you in getting used seeing your surroundings with your new glasses. Website



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