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When I created Eating Fabulously I had a vision of what it would be and the audience it would engage. Eating Fabulously isn't just about eating expensive meals, its about being fab inside and out, working hard, and eating food that is fresh and cared for, and Monica Drayton fits this description. I met Monica Drayton through a mutual friend and took notice to how fab she was. A working girl, wife and mom to 2 adorable boys, I watched from the side lines, noting this girl has it all together. She continued to amaze me again when she launched Boom N' Chunk Baking Supply Co. her very own cake pop business. As I kept my eye on her fab pops covered in bright sugar and flavors such key lime and Ameretto Trill, I decided that I needed to know what was going on. For my birthday this year, I skipped the birthday cake and went right to Boom N' Chunks. Not only were the cake pops amazing, Monica delivered them herself in the rain. How fab is that? I was not a cake pop fan prior to, but after indulging in Red Velvet, Bourbon Maple Bacon and other flavors, I was a reformed cake pop lover. I got the chance to catch up with Monica and chat about all things fabulous including sugar, college, and GMO's.

Christopher Stewart, cake pops, Monica Drayton, sweets, Eating Fabulously, baking

Where did you get your experience from? 

Monica Drayton - I am completely self-taught. I’ve never attended a cooking or baking class or workshop in my life. Before I had children, my specialty was literally the Ortega boxed Taco set. Literally…not exaggerating, ask my husband...I didn’t boil water lol. After I gave birth to our first son Chance, I was literally sitting on the sofa, holding him and I said out loud “I’m gonna have to feed you real food one day, aren’t I”? And in that moment I decided to learn to “feed”, rather than cook . I literally watched Food Network during my entire maternity leave and made a mess in the kitchen day after day. The 1st complete meal I ever made was Chicken Parmesan..I slowly started exploring the gourmet ingredients at Fairway….and the rest is seared tuna history.

Christopher Stewart, cake pops, Monica Drayton, sweets, Eating Fabulously, baking

Where did you get your education? 

M.D - I, like Kanye, am a college drop out. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I can’t say that I would change anything. Sure I’ve been through some sucky times, but I’m 1000000% certain that God has a plan, the Universe has a plan. I love where I am now as a woman, as a wife, as a mother…and I can’t know for sure that things would have turned out the same had I gone off to become an attorney. I may get flack for saying this, but while I’m all for “leaning in”, I don’t think any of “that stuff” matters without love, friends and family.

What is your current job title?

M.D. - By day I manage a big fancy condo down in the Wall Street area of Manhattan, by night I am complete kitchen elf. My other job titles include, SuperMOM, SuperWIFE, eyebrow police and defender of pregnant women on the subway.

Christopher Stewart, cake pops, Monica Drayton, sweets, Eating Fabulously, baking

What is your food philosophy- 

M.D. - Can I just say that I like pretty stuff and I’m greedy? That is the absolutely truth. I love food, I always loved food. Even as a skinny 24 year old, I was all about eating, I’ve spent so much money at restaurants and cafes in my life lol. I believe food should entice the eye and make the tummy smile. A great meal makes you either want to sleep or have sex.

What propelled you to start your own business? 

M.D. - I refer once again to my greed…seriously. Chance (our 6yr old) and I decided to treat ourselves to some sweets at a prominent Manhattan sweet shop, I won’t say too much more as I don’t wish to be blacklisted from New York Food Society. Long story short, we were, as Chance would say “whelmed”….as in NOT overwhelmed (lol). I walked away $30 poorer thinking “I could have totally made that myself..actually I could kill that if I made it myself” and from there, Boom N’Chunk Supply Baking Co. was born. It was completely selfish endeavor when I think about it lol

Christopher Stewart, cake pops, Monica Drayton, sweets, Eating Fabulously, baking

How did you come up with the concept for Boom N’Chunk Supply Baking Co? 

M.D. - My kids and my family are EVERYTHING to me. My menu, my presentation, my thought process, my inspiration is them. My children changed my life in ways I can never repay or thank them for, so I pay homage by sharing all the good happy feelings that come with enjoying a delicious, beautiful, dessert. And they enjoy being my taste testers.

Has food always been a big part of your life? 

M.D - Absolutely. My mother is Philippino and that entire culture revolves around pork and rice lol. My grandmother would wake up at 5am to fry bacon and make coffee. Holidays in my house growing up were full of eggrolls and fried chicken. Those memories, those aromas fill my mind to this day. Food is the ultimate expression of care, it’s a universal language…it means everything from “I love you” all the way down to “I’m sorry”.

How important do you think it is to eat organic, non-GMO, etc. 

M.D. - I follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating organic/GMO free. Do my kids eat Oreos and Dominos…sure we do, of course we do. It’s sad and quite frankly gross that corporations and farmers put profits above the well bring and health of it’s consumers. I’d be lying to say it’s not hard shopping organic and GMO Free…it can get super pricey. I’m thankful that I have the option and the ability to provide my family with good, quality food..but sadly I realize most can’t.  I try not to, but ‘ish happens. I obviously believe that “real food” is 100000% better than Franken Food. I’m not a scientist or agricultural engineer….but I remember the 3-eyed fish from the Simpsons and that’s where we’re heading….

Christopher Stewart, cake pops, Monica Drayton, sweets, Eating Fabulously, baking

How are you teaching your sons the importance of quality eating

M.D. - My husband and I always joke that we feel sorry for Chance’s future wife. His standards and palette are pretty sophisticated lol. We discuss dinner options during the week, my boys grocery shop with me, we talk about ingredients and how to use them. We also dine out once a week as a family, usually brunch.

How does everyday life influence your business style and confections? 

M.D. - At the risk of sounding redundant, I’ll chalk it all up to my children again. All the love and light they gave me is poured into my creations and interactions with my clients. As far as business sense goes, I pride myself on my customer relation skills. Years in corporate America has taught me how to communicate if anything. I always think to myself “how would I like to be treated as a customer”..sort of the Golden Rule remixed.
Christopher Stewart, cake pops, Monica Drayton, sweets, Eating Fabulously, baking

Where do you go for a no fail meal? 

M.D. - My absolute, hands-down favorite restaurant is Butter. I’m kind of an Alex Guarnaschelli-stan. When I want a burger, I head straight for The Spotted Pig in the West Village, or if I’m on Mama Duty, Shake Shack is our go-to place. Sushi Sushi in Harlem has phenomenal sushi!!! It’s a hidden gem that I kind of regret sharing now lol. Other favs include GRK (Greek), Chop’t  (Salads) and Land (Thai). Can you tell I love food??

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