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Whenever new restaurants come into town my foodie antennas go up immediately, so when I started seeing and reading about Chalk Point Kitchen, a new "market to table" restaurant in SoHo by restauranteur Matt Levine, I knew I needed to pay attention. I had visited Levine's former place Sons of Essex, so I was equally excited to head to Chalk Point Kitchen one sunday night with my dining partner, aka my mom. I had been following Chalk Point Kitchens social media accounts as well, so seeing the Lobster Bake announcement via Instagram was an added bonus. 
With no sign on the front of the restaurant (I like!) Chalk Point Kitchen is a small rustic restaurant giving you smooth vintage farm house tease as you enter. Described as "Chinatown meets Union Square Green Market", you definitely get the subtle and unique ChinaTown influence right down to the signature Chinese red rimmed plates that some of the food is served on. (again, I like!) 

As we get settled in and menu's arrive, I couldn't help but drool over all of the menu options that just scream organic, local, and market to table. As we know, eating fabulously is more than just eating great food. Eating fabulously also means eating food this is cared for, seasonal, and sustainable. Getting down to business, we couldn't wait any longer; here's what we dined on.. 

Chalk Point Kitchen, NYC, SoHo, eating fabulously, Matt Levine, Christopher Stewart, burrata

Creamy Handmade Burrata x Fenugreek x Meyer Lemon x Cucumber 

Montauk Lobster Bake - Maine Lobster x Bar Harbour Mussels x Long Island Clams x North Fork Potatoes x Market Spinach

Roasted Heirloom Carrots x Feta x Black Truffle x Lemon 

Butterscotch Pudding x Duck Fat Popcorn 

Chalk Point Kitchen, NYC, SoHo, Matt Levine, lobster, clams, seafood, dinner, restaurants, Christopher Stewart,

When food is organic and local you can literally taste it, and at Chalk Point Kitchen their ingredients shine. We were borderline tempted to ordered a second portion of the burrata, creamy and smooth with cucumbers, meyer lemon, and fenugreek because after we spread it on warm chewy lightly grilled bread (and soaked up all the vinaigrette) we realized that life was happening and we wanted to experience more of this delicious life. But then our entree's came to the table, in a plate so large carried with both hands that my mom and I looked at each other and said, OK. A beautiful red lobster sat nestled in the middle of a plate accompanied with clams, mussels, corn, potatoes and spinach. As we began to enjoy this lobster bake in the middle of SoHo with drawn butter and lemon wedges to match, each piece of food on this plate was cooked perfectly. Its so easy to over cook seafood, it happens to the best of us....  but not up in Chalk Point Kitchen! 

Chalk Point Kitchen, NYC, Soho, heirloom, carrots, eating fabulously, Matt Levine, Christopher Stewart

Next, Roasted Heirloom carrots made their way to our table and for starters I love carrots but I don't have to eat them often. BUT these carrots at Chalk Point Kitchen with fresh feta, black truffle and lemon I need everyday. Literally everyday. As if I couldn't stop eating my seafood, these roasted carrots made me focus all of my attention on them! Im not sure if it was the combined kind of umami-esqe flavors of the truffle, feta and lemon or if it was the carrots themselves. Even my mother who is not a fan of cooked carrots, indulged in all of this carrot goodness. I think I must have drove the Chalk Point Kitchen team crazy with how I was obsessing over this dish. To finish our night we ended it with butterscotch pudding topped with duck fat popcorn recommended by the CPK team. Duck fat popcorn, you had me at duck fat, no need to pull my arm.

With so many restaurants opening up everyday here in NYC sometimes the food or the name backing it isn't always enough. Now more than ever it takes the continuous efforts of the staff, chefs, and every day detail in between to curate an amazing dining experience and Chalk Point Kitchen has that formula. I cant wait to dine here again (and again and again) because there are still things on the menu that I need to obsess over. 

Chalk Point Kitchen 
527 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
212. 390. 0327

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