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Since cutting my hair, I spend a lot of time not just in the hair salon, but in the beauty supply store. From gel to wrapping foam, to bobby pins and more, the beauty supply store is a staple for me now just like restaurants and mascara. Ive been going to one specific beauty supply store recently, because I can get everything I need there to continuously look fab! As any store, Beauty Land has done some remodeling recently and has also added merchandise including jewelry, more makeup, nail appliques, bags and everything in between. On a recent trip, my mom and I noticed a rack with a variety of jelly bags. Cute! we screamed as we walked out of the store. Actually the bags were really really cute, which resembled the classic Chanel bag, just in jelly form. 

Fast forward a few days after and these bags were still on my mind. Its summer so finding cute inexpensive accessories is always a plus and hey its summer! I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the bag...OUT OF THE BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE!  This just goes to show you that you can get some fab finds anywhere! With multiple colors including black, I purchased the red bag and brought it home to love on it! I cant believe that this bag is this adorable from the beauty supply store. The chain strap can be doubled and used as a shoulder bag and also pulled through and used as a single strap bag or a cross body bag. For $29.99 this bag is the best summer accessory I have purchased to date!

Beauty Land 
240 W. 125th Street 
New York, N.Y. 10027
212. 222. 8898

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