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photo via Levain Bakery Instagram
I think I have found the perfect solution to so many of life's problems... well maybe for the fab women.  Im talking about the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie from Levain bakery.  I had been introduced to Levain bakery while working in Harlem a couple years ago, but I must admit I never went into the shop. Recently while walking to work, my sweet tooth got the best of me and I headed into Levain bakery to see what sweet treat I can tame this beast with. I love dark chocolate and I love chocolate chip cookies (basically any cookie for that matter) but these large dark chocolate planks caught my eye that day.  I didn't dive into this cookie right away because I knew that mid -way into my work day, I would want something sweet so I saved it. The time had come and I broke into this cookie at my desk and I swear I went blind for a second.... blinded by rich, decadent deliciousness.  This cookie is so rich, you literally cant eat it in one sitting. Mounds of chocolate chips flow through this dark chocolate cookie, solid edges yet soft and chewy in the middle and I instantly knew this is what I would need for the following life issues: 

-when cramps are too much to bare, grab this cookie.
-when you hate to see your boyfriend breathe, grab this cookie.
-when Scandal comes on Thursday nights and Fitz is acting a fool, grab this cookie. 
-when your boss at work wont let you be great, grab this cookie. 
-because you looked really good that day, grab this cookie.
-you got through the entire day without killing anyone in your mind, grab this cookie. 
-because its tuesday at 4pm. 

Basically what Im saying here is, you need this cookie. The second time I bought this cookie I tried to eat it walking and I got chocolate everywhere. Ask me if I was ashamed... not. at. all. 
Chocolate everywhere is a good thing! I was also pleased to know that what does not sell in the shops that day at Levain bakery, goes to help feed the hungry. I love when delicious things also help fab causes. So basically just because you read this blog, you deserve a dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie... TREAT 'CHO SELF!  

Levain Harlem 
2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd. 
New York, N.Y. 10026 
646. 455. 0952

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