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I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, California for work recently and like any other food crazed person, of course I had a few restaurants on my radar that I wanted to try before I left. A week prior, my friend and I were looking at Eggslut's website and runny yolk porn was all over the screen. We both agreed that Eggslut was permanently stamped on the list. 

Located inside the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA, Eggslut serves you guessed it, eggs. Eggs are the main focus at this counter seating post and combined a number of ways with a number of exceptional ingredients, my experience at Eggslut was one to remember. I eat a lot here in NYC but I LOVE to eat in California. Its something about the freshness of the food there that you can taste each ingredient collectively and separately and still get all this outstanding flavor. The freshness level is off the meter, and the food at Eggslut is no different. Here's what we dined on.. 

eggs, Eggslut, California, LA, eating fabulously, Christopher Stewart,

bacon egg & cheese - hardwood smoked bacon x over medium egg x cheddar cheese x chipotle ketchup 
sausage egg & cheese - house made turkey sausage x over medium egg x cheddar cheese x honey mustard aioli 
slut - coddled egg x smooth potato puree x poached in a glass jar x served with toasted crostini 
raw organic OJ 

This may look like a plain jane breakfast sandwich but its not. After you stop staring at your food items and watching the employees behind the counter flipping, aligning, and topping egg sandwiches, you unwrap your paper and take a bite, and then life gets a little better. I enjoyed the house made turkey sausage on my sandwich and every bite down to the cheese just captured freshness and care. The coddled eggs spooned over toasted crostini's from there individual jars also gave you that runny yolk that you look for in an egg. Even the raw organic orange juice was so good, that this maybe the best orange juice I have ever tasted. 

You can never stray from the classic bacon, egg, and cheese from your corner bodega here in NYC, but I suggest that you do LA. 

Eggslut in LA, to simple state it, outstanding. 


Inside Grand Central Market 
317 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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