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Sooooo Ive come across this love affair with pork recently and I cant stop. When I was younger I didn't eat beef or pork and as I got older I began to experiment with it, especially now. I, of course began my journey with the beloved pork chop because everyone loves pork chops right? Not.. necessarily. In my many (dry and flavorless) attempts to make pork chops they didn't exactly turn out the way I had envisioned or tasted. -sobs- 

Cruising the meat isle in my local grocery store recently, I came across sliced bone-in pork picnic steaks. What instantly caught my eye about this cut of meat was the darker meat and the thick strip of fat along the sides of the steak. The shoulder cut of pork, aka picnic shoulder is a more tender cut of meat, so no brining is needed. The fact that it came sliced cut the cooking time down drastically, so I figured a quick sear in an extremely hot skillet would be all I need. I am now in love with sliced pork picnic steaks. This recipe is quick and easy and it can be placed with any meal. Alongside grits, eggs and biscuits for brunch, remove the bone and place between bread to make a sandwich for lunch or add to your favorite meal for dinner in place of your typical steak. 

Seared Pork Picnic Steaks 

2- raw sliced pork picnic steaks, 
fresh rosemary sprigs
canola oil  
sea salt

Place raw pork picnic steak on a flat surface and pay dry with paper towels. Season to your liking and set aside. In a high temperature skillet, preferably cast iron place over a high heat. Add a few drops of canola oil and heat skillet until oil easily streams all over skillet. Place steaks in skillet and sear until golden brown. Turn over and sear about 6 minutes in total. Tilt skillet and add butter and sprigs of rosemary. With a spoon, baste melted butter and rosemary over pork steaks. Allow to rest for 2 minutes before slicing and serving. 

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