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Honestly, I have always loved makeup...on other people. It looks so good! As I have become older, I realized that your entire look has to come together and represent who you are, even before you speak your name to someone. Although I love makeup... I have no idea how to apply it. In the times of YouTube, mixing and matching, and chatting with the makeup girls, I have found a simple and clean everyday makeup look for my face. In my previous post, I detailed what I used to clean my facewhich also plays a part in how your makeup will look. I get compliments on my makeup all the time and people are always surprised that I tell them a lot of my things come from the drug store or a number of low key places. This week's installment of Fab Lifestyle Friday's is Face Time Pt.2 the makeup products I use on my face. 

BareMinerals Original Loose Mineral Powder Foundation  - I LOVEEEE Bare Minerals. It's the first piece of real makeup that I ever tried a few years back and I have been a fan ever since. I started out with the beginners kit and now use the foundation by itself. The original is a loose mineral powder foundation and with a few shakes and the special swirling technique and brush, you apply this makeup to your face in small circular motions. The circular motions help warm up the minerals to completely blend into you skin and also gives you an even finish. No spot on your face will go untouched. Allow to set into your skin for a few minutes and you will see your skin instantly become even. With continual use, your skin will become visibly better over time even when you don't have the foundation on. It also  has SPF 15! 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Deep  - I started using BB cream when it first hit the market because I wanted something to put on my face when Im dashing to the store. Fast forward to now, I have added it in my daily makeup routine and place it on top of my foundation. I squeeze a small amount on my finger (I haven't mastered the use of the makeup sponges yet) and dot small amounts all over my face, after I have put on my foundation. I then blend the BB cream all over my face with my fingers and let it melt into my skin. Ive noticed the BB cream on top of the foundation adds even more of a smoother finish and also helps to cover up the dark spots in my face left behind by zits gone wrong. 

Face Illuminator - I discovered illuminator while aimlessly wondering the Victoria Secret makeup isle one day. Illuminator adds a glow to your skin BUT if you apply to much you will go outside looking like a disco ball. You only need to apply a small amount so this single bottle has lasted me a long time. Like the BB cream, I squeeze a small amount on my finger and dot all over my face after I dot the BB cream, and blend both BB cream and illuminator in at the same time.  I also do this combo without the foundation when I just want a dewy look, without applying a full face.  This Victoria Secret Face Illuminator is no longer available, so use whichever best fits your skin and your budget. 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Cafe (30)  - After hours of late night YouTube  videos, concealer still boggled my mind. Do I apply all over? Sponge or fingers? A shade lighter? But Im black?  I decided to try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and it also matched the concealer for you. Although Im not a fan of the foundation, I love the concealer. Its in a tube like lipgloss and even has a lipgloss-esqe applicator so its super easy to apply. I spot 4-5 dots from the side of my nose to the end of the corner of my eye, and in a sweeping motion with my middle finger, I blend. It fits perfectly with my foundation and BB cream, and can also be applied by itself. 

DermaBlend Professional Loose Setting Powder in Warm Saffron  - I am no makeup expert so I definitely swiped this setting powder from my grandmother to play with. I don't use this setting powder everyday but I apply it when its really hot and I don't want my makeup to smudge, or if I know Im going to be out all day, I apply a little to my brows. It works wonders! I apply a small amount with a large brush and lightly swipe all over my face. I do take a smaller brush and brush over my brows as well. I can check my face through out the day and my makeup is still there. 

I know everyone is using high end makeup these days, but trust me the drug store stuff is just as good! Also, knowing what you like and want to look like is key as well. Explore your skin and of course, be fabulous. 

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Ta da! Can you believe I have on a full face of makeup! 

What are some of your favorite makeup products ? 

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