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I don't even remember the day I started following Evelyn's Kitchen on social media. I do remember the day my best friend and I walked into the small cafe in East Harlem, because I kept telling him, we NEED to go there. Ever since then, Ive literally been addicted (!). I don't visit often, solely because if I did, I know Id be in weight gain trouble, but I do always think of the eating fabulously approved baked goods and delicious take out meals.  Ive even dragged friends to East Harlem, AND have provided delight to other people by putting a banana pudding pudgie in their mouth mid sentence. Because I need them to experience this! When I reached out on faith last year to ask if I could feature Evelyn's Kitchen in my Fab Foodie Holiday Gift Guide , the team was nothing but receptive and that became a mental note in my mind that every time Im in the company of Evelyn's Kitchen staff, its always a sweet pleasure. I knew I wanted Evelyn's Kitchen genius owner Ayala Donchin on Eating Fab for a while now and  I finally got the chance to learn about her, what sparked Evelyn's Kitchen and where she goes to eat fabulously after she closes up shop. 

Where did you get your education?  
Ayala Donchin ~ I have my Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan 

Where did you gain your experience? 
A.D. ~ LIFE!  I worked my way through college and grad school waitressing and working in catering companies.  I moved to NYC in the 90's and spent 6 years running non profit organizations, mostly in youth development then went on to work for the New York Knicks, as the Director of Community Relations.  In 2002, I launched my own consulting company with my business partner Erica Stanley Dottin. We spent 9 years running The Sandbox Inc, overseeing Foundations and Community Impact programs for athletes and the brands that do business with them. Clients included Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony & Nike.   

What is your current job title? 
A.D. ~ Owner & Executive Chef, Evelyn's Kitchen

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Photo via EK website 

What propelled you to start your own business? 
A.D. ~ Cooking, baking & entertaining was always a passion for me.  

What is your food philosophy?  
A.D ~ Philosophy? hmmmmm. No philosophy.  Its not that deep.  I just love what I do, literally all aspects of it, from planning the menus to shopping for ingredients to creating the meals. And I hope that my team and I are able to translate that love and passion in all aspects of Evelyn's Kitchen. 

When you lock up shop and your apron is off, where do you go for a no fail meal?  
A.D. ~ The Boil! 

How has social media helped or hindered your business?  
A.D. ~  It has HELPED!  Im very vocal in always expressing that social media has built Evelyn's Kitchen. We don't advertise.  We don't have a PR company.  But we have grown organically on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram.  And we have built a community of support that has watched our growth and been so incredibly supportive throughout the process. 

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Do you think female chefs and female food business owners will ever sit comfortably at the boys table? 
A.D. ~ There's a boys table?  I'm always comfortable around any table.  

Whats 1 ingredient in your home at all times? 
A.D. ~ Hot Sauce! The hotter the better.  (and no, Tabasco doesn't count).  

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Whats next for you?  
A.D. ~ My 5am alarm is next on my agenda.  We have some big events coming up this week.  


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  1. Ayala Donchin's cuisine and baked goods are UNBELIEVABLE. Can't wait to get back to New York to visit EK!



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