Eating Fabulously, Atlantic Grill at Lincoln Center, Christopher Stewart

If the phrase, "I want something good for dinner" ever crosses your mind, I have the perfect place for you. After eating many things, eventually you begin to want something good, very specific and at the same time not very specific. Let me explain.. 

Usually when you say, "I want something good for dinner" your not stating something specific, BUT you also know that whatever you eat, it better be perfect. Whether its fried chicken, fish, pasta, or a burger, that "I want something good for dinner" never leaves you until you get exactly what you want. I had been wanting something good recently since Ive made it through the polar vortex here in NYC of eating warm and hearty meals. When my budding business partner wanted to have a dinner meeting strategically placed in NYC Restaurant Week, I knew my craving for something good would happen on this day. As I got off the subway at 59th street Columbus Circle and walked towards Lincoln Center, I stepped into Atlantic Grill, a restaurant that was packed on a wet and rainy Thursday evening. Serving fresh seafood, sushi, oysters, and more, happy dinners were everywhere laughing and enjoying dinner and drinks. As I waited to be seated at my table,  I had the inkling that this dinner was going to be more than good, it was going to be fantastic. 

Making our way through the bustling dining room, wine, shellfish towers, and  brightly lit sushi counter was on full display as we waltzed by and was escorted to our table. The menu at Atlantic Grill has a little bit of something for everyone, even a impressive Restaurant Week menu. After making the  important decision on what to eat, we dined on the following:

Maine Lobster Bisque x shrimp x flan x chervil 
Long Island Fluke and Scallop Ceviche x mango x jicama x cilantro x lime x jalapeño 
Seared Scottish Salmon x chive spaetzle x roasted cauliflower x fennel confit x meyer lemon 
Spicy Salmon & Crispy Shrimp Maki Roll x avocado x kiwi x red tangerine essence x bbq eel sauce 
Red Velvet Cheesecake Torte x champagne strawberry sorbet 
2 glasses of Chardonnay 

Eating Fabulously, Atlantic Grill at Lincoln Center, Christopher Stewart

**screams**  As I scream, I am expressing the simple fact that every bite of this meal from start to finish was perfect, from presentation to taste. My ceviche was fresh, the scallops were buttery and the tart and tangy green liquid that my ceviche sat in had the perfect amount of acidity.  My entree of seared skin on Scottish salmon was excellent as the salmon was cooked the exact way I ordered it, medium rare. I LOVE crispy salmon skin, so I pulled that off and saved it for last, a habit of mine. I am a avid lover of spaetzle and this chive spaetzle was sautéed crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. 

Eating Fabulously, Atlantic Grill at Lincoln Center, Christopher Stewart

My dining partner had sushi and we both agreed that as the sushi hit our mouths, this was probably the best meal we have had in several months. After we had bites of the red velvet cheesecake and champagne strawberry sorbet, we both came to the conclusion that Atlantic Grill is the perfect restaurant for the following scenarios, just to name a few : "I hate life", "I hate men", "I have cramps", "Im cheating on my diet today", "I think my boss hates me" and several other life scenarios that make you crave good food. Atlantic Grill could seriously be dubbed the new comfort food. Comfort foods don't always have to be carb heavy, greasy and fattening. Comfort foods can also be a perfectly cooked filling meal, a meal that makes you hold  your head back and smile, or taking a bite of something that puts you in a instant state of ease and satisfaction. Dinner at Atlantic Grill near Lincoln Center is just that, lush comfort. 

49 West 64th street @ Broadway 
New York, N.Y. 10023 
212. 787. 4663 

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