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The fabulous tubers in the above picture are my new found addiction and of course I want all my fabulous eaters to get addicted as well.  The sweet potatoes that we tend to know of are usually light brown on the outside and bright orange on the inside, depending on where you come from. My family being from the south, Im familiar with the sweet potato (my fav is candied yams). As Im always in the grocery store or at a farmers market, I had always noticed these reddish-purple skin potatoes, labeled "Korean batata". Whatever it was, knowing me we know I tried it and have been in love ever since.  

The Japanese sweet potato has, like I mentioned above, a reddish purple skin and a creamy white inside. These sweet potatoes are a little drier than what we are familiar with and also a little more starchy. The upside of these potatoes are that they are extremely sweet. When peeled, the Japanese sweet potato turns brown quickly, so peeling them and placing them in a bowl of cold water will help with oxidation until you are ready to cook them. I like to simply roast them and eat them plain. I love how sweet they are so all the jazzy seasoning and technique isn't required. The nutritional value in sweet potatoes are amazing as well which is a added bonus!

Spicy Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes 

3 Japanese sweet potatoes  
2T. light brown sugar 
1T. butter 
canola oil 
cayenne pepper 
ground cinnamon 
ground ginger 
course sea salt 

Heat oven at 450 degrees. Peel sweet potatoes and cute into cubes or wedges, making sure they are relatively the same size. In a large bowl, toss potatoes with a small amount of canola oil, and season with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven for about 15, or until potatoes become fork tender but not mushy. At the 15 minute mark, remove potatoes from oven and add butter, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ginger to the potatoes, tossing lightly. Place back in the oven, allowing sugar to melt, cooking for 5 more minutes. Remove from oven and serve hot. 

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