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Who knows how to set a table? Like who knows how to set a REAL fabulous table? I came across this picture of a table place setting on my Instagram (follow me)  and I thought to myself, do I even know how to set a table? When I think of a proper place setting, although I have eaten many meals in a lot of different environments, I automatically think of the scene from the movie "Pretty Woman" when Julia Roberts is told "start from the outside in" when going to a important dinner with the darling Richard Gere. I must admit, I do keep the "outside in" theory in mind and honestly match the food with the flatware..... in my head of course

Eating Fabulously just isn't about eating fabulous foods. Its about knowing how to do everything fabulously, including dining out and having the proper dinner etiquette. There is nothing worse than a fab girl, having a fab dinner...... and horrible table manners.  Take a look at the chart above and see how you match up to knowing how to eat fabulously..... properly. 

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