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Happy New Year Fabulous Eaters! I saved this restaurant review of my visit to Empire Biscuit for 2 reasons. 1 to start the year off with a fun post and 2, because its New Year day, your probably drunk and/or hung over and Empire Biscuit has a drunk option on the menu. 
I headed to Empire Biscuit with my puerto rican bestie, after informing him that our prayers have been answered, NYC has a 24 hour southern biscuit shop. No like seriously... Who would do this to me, knowing I LOVE biscuits! We arrived at Empire Biscuit at 11:15pm I believe and of course we were not the only 2 people in the shop, because tis true about us New Yorkers, we never sleep. Bright lights, light wood panel, biscuits in the oven and friendly staff are all whats happening at Empire Biscuit as we stepped up to the counter to order. The menu is pretty extensive for a place that only sells biscuits. I like this because, A- is there another place like this? and B- who doesn't want fun tasty spreads such as pineapple and thyme jam on there warm biscuit! 

Although we played it safe this time, I wont play it safe next visit. My eye is on the oxtail and brown sugar jelly, and I heard the scotch egg biscuit is something close to paradise. Heres what we ordered: 

2-  Benton's Bacon x Egg x Cheddar Biscuit 
2 Sweet Teas 

Empire Biscuit, Benton's, bacon, sweet tea, southern, NYC, eating fabulously, Christopher Stewart

Yes, yall. That is deliciously sexy egg yolk dripping down my soft biscuit. The Benton's bacon was so smokey and fatty, and probably the best bacon I ever tasted. The biscuit itself was soft and warm, but not too dense. This is the perfect sandwich for any time of day honestly, and at a price tag of $6 it wont hurt your wallet too bad either. The puerto rican bestie thought the sandwich was a little small, but hey he is a guy. For me, the size was just right. I shall return, Empire Biscuit, just keep the Benton's bacon ready for me! 

Empire Biscuit 
198 Avenue A btwn 12th and 13th street 
New York, N.Y. 10009 

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