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I don't know about you, but I love when I eat things hot. Coffee, tea, food, bread, I like things to be hot, or at least warm. Catching a warm doughnut is like catching a great sneaker sale, you go crazy when you find it. Catching a cold doughnut is NOT the case at Doughnuttery, a small mini doughnut shopped housed inside the beloved Chelsea Market here in NYC. I first heard about Doughnuttery while watching Unique Sweets on The Cooking Channel, and since I frequent Chelsea Market often this match was gonna be perfect. Doughnuttery isn't just offering your everyday cold glazed doughnut. When you step inside this small shop, the smell of hot, freshly made doughnuts instantly hits you. To your surprise, the doughnuts here are miniature and are being fried right before your eyes.  Yes, mini doughnuts are lightly dropped in a streaming river of hot grease, flipped and fried and arrive to you warm with a crispy outside and a fluffy inside. 

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Another special surprise about Doughnuttery is that the doughnuts aren't coated with a glaze, but are shaken in sugar. This is not your everyday cinnamon sugar mix. Brightly tinted sugars ranging in flavor combinations sit on the shelves all around the shop, so that you can pick flavors to customize your mini doughnuts. The sugar menu includes flavored sugars such as Pineapple Pow (pineapple, wasabi, ginger) PB&J (peanut butter, grape candy) and Urban Monkey (coffee, banana, and coconut) just to name a few.  I chose Speckled Strawberry sugar (strawberry, lemon-thyme, sprinkles) and my snacking partner for the day chose the Bam Berry sugar ( blueberry, acai, maqui berry). When you order your doughnuts, the sugar gets poured in a little brown bag, warm mini doughnuts are added and you SHAKE the bag till the sugar is all over the doughnuts and your heart is content. I loved the speckled strawberry flavor. You can truly taste the infusion of strawberries in this finely ground sugar. The sprinkles added a fun touch and of course, the warm doughnuts was everything I needed. You can get 6 mini doughnuts for $6 and you get to choose 2 different flavors, which is great if you cant decide which sugar to shake in. Beverages and doughnut dipping sauces are also available, and I cant wait to go back and try the raspberry balsamic sauce and the deep dark chocolate sauce. Deep dark chocolate AND warm doughnuts !!! MY LIFE ! 

doughnuts, mini, strawberry, sprinkles, berry, NYC, Chelsea Market,

DOUGHNUTTERY inside Chelsea Market 
425 W. 15th street 
New York, N.Y. 10011 

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