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Another day, another restaurant to eat at here in NYC. Im definitely not complaining as this time, I head to BECCO, Italian restaurant of celebrity chefs and mother and son team Lidia and Joe Bastianich. This 2 story restaurant sits nestled on Restaurant Row in Manhattan's Theatre District amongst other greats, and I was excited to try my first Bastianich dining experience. I have to admit I ofter forget about the original Restaurant Row in the Theatre District here in NYC. Its just so many restaurants to keep up with. With that being said, when my publicist and close friend told me to come to BECCO for a meeting, of course I jumped on it.. naturally. 

It was thursday night and BECCO was BUSY. Diners everywhere, eating and smiling as waiters zipped through the restaurant with giant skillets of piping hot pasta and other dishes. As I was escorted upstairs to my table, each person sitting at a table was laughing, eating pasta and drinking vino.. my kind of restaurant.  We were seated on the enclosed balcony,  and all I could think about is how amazing that same seat would be on a summer night over looking all the other restaurants that are alined on this famous neighborhood block.  Soon after, a handsome waiter presented dinner options, wine options, and all the table bites such as assorted olives, bread and olive oil started appearing on our table. Lets face it, whats a Italian restaurant without quality olive oil? For starters the wine menu is ridiculous. A book all by itself, the extensive wine list is so detailed (and heavy) you will question if you ever really knew anything about wine after flipping through the pages. Luckily, BECCO is prized on its $25 bottle wine list. It allows you to have a full bottle of wine and also its affordable in a sense that you can try an assortment of different bottles. Honestly a great deal, so be sure to drink up! 

BECCO, NYC, dinner, restaurant, review, eating fabulously, Christopher Stewart

Talking food, you wont leave BECCO hungry thats for sure. There is a lot of food going on in this building, that's actually perfect for sharing. The star of the evening is the unlimited 3 pasta specials. You can order the chef's selected 3 pasta special and literally eat pasta until you turn into a ball of dough. Servers zip in and out refilling your plate as many times as you like with a bounty of unlimited pastas. For the pasta lover in you, this is the life you have dreamed of. Also, all entrees include BECCO's signature classic caesar salad, so imagine to our surprise when the food wouldn't stop coming! Heres what we dined on: 

Proscuitto x Fresh Mozzarella x Marinated Peppers 
Fried Risotto Balls x Smoked Mozzarella 
Lentil Soup x Sausage 
Caesar Salad course 
Zuppa di Pesce Misto - Salmon x Scallops x Shrimp x Lobster Broth x Sicilian Couscous 

seafood, shrimp, scallops, salmon, lobster, couscous, eating fabulously, NYC, BECCO, Christopher Stewart

My heart smiled as the proscuitto and fresh mozzarella was presented at the table. Somethings should just not be messed with or altered when you go to a Italian restaurant and proscuitto and fresh mozzarella are one of them. Life IS warm freshly made mozzarella. Appetizers of fried risotto, lentil soup and caesar salad were all delicious, but the main attraction at the table was the zuppa di pesce misto.  Perfectly cooked salmon, shrimp, and scallops in a tomato based lobster broth with large Sicilian couscous. I love everything in the dish separately, so to have them all together was even greater. All of the seafood was cooked perfectly and the scallops were melt in your mouth tender. The lobster broth was light yet flavorful, and the large couscous had a slight chewy bite, al dente of course. 

My last bite of scallops set me over the edge as my friend and I enjoyed our dinner and plans for 2014. There was absolutely no room for dessert, but I can imagine its just as tasty. BECCO is great for loud, friendly laughter and even better for shared meals of pasta and bottles of wine. The $25 bottle wine menu is the best deal, and although I didn't order it this time, I will be back for that grilled veal chop, I was eyeing at the next table. 

355 West 46th street 
New York, N.Y. 10036

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