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I can hardly contain my emotions as I type this fabulous eaters. My love for grits is unparalleled. Equally as exciting as a new tube of the blackest black lengthening mascara. I can eat grits everyday all day, and I have way back when I was a broke college student. Grits are  also a hot button topic. Some enjoy, while others do not. My family is from the south, so grits are a staple in my pantry. They can be used a number of ways and since the flavor is like a blank canvas, you can almost add anything to them. My go to for grits, its super simple, just cheese, butter, and salt and pepper. Im set for the day.  I made chicken in tomato sauce recently for dinner mainly because I wanted something warm and comforting. I usually accompany this meal with parmesan polenta, but I had grits on the brain. 

I also had some goat cheese left over from a mixed green salad I made earlier in the week. I love goat cheese as well, so it only made sense in my fabulous chef brain to combine the two. I toasted the grits before cooking them, to bring out a deeply nutty but subtle flavor. After cooking I threw in a glob of goat cheese, and life changed. The goat cheese turned the grits a bright white color and provides a creaminess that is crazy! I spooned some chicken and tomato sauce over these toasted goat cheese grits and well.. that was that. 

Toasted Goat Cheese Grits 

your favorite brand of quick cooking grits ( I used Quaker quick cooking 5 minute grits) 
goat cheese, softened 
butter (optional) 

In a dry skillet, add desired amount of grits. Toss over medium heat, the same way as you would when toasting spices. The dry grits will start to become a light brown color the longer you toast them.  When grits are toasted add them to boiling water and prepare them as you would normally. When cooked, spoon into a bowl, adding desired amounts of goat cheese, butter, and salt and pepper. 

These grits can be used several different ways with several other cheeses. Once you get the consistency you like, your favorite cheese can be incorporated. Eat at dinner in replace of polenta (i.e. shrimp and grits) or use as a brunch side dish. 

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  1. Love grits, love goat cheese, why not combine the two? Great idea indeed! Thanks for the fab recipe :)



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