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December 29th, 2013.. Im sitting at my glass desk..writing my year end fab foodie review. I cant believe it. Its a new year already? I know I keep saying that, but truly this year felt like I woke up and it was January.. went to sleep ... woke up on my birthday.. got out of bed the next day it was summer, and went to sleep again and its New Year's Eve. This year was a combination of things for me and as I sit here and think back, I cant help but be wholeheartedly grateful. Grateful for all the dinners I went to and all the fab things I ate along the way. The people I have met and the people who have recognized me, and most importantly, opportunity. Eating Fabulously has brought me great opportunity in 2013 and I feel deep down that its just the tip of the fork and knife for this blog. I have a very strong feeling that 2014 is going to be the breakout year for myself and Eating Fabulously. I am constantly working on making this a better blog and I feel deep down in my spirit that its about to get so much more fabulous. 

I ate ALOT in 2013, some good, some bad, but mostly fabulous. So can you imagine how hard it was to narrow down 10 things. See I just thought of another thing so it maybe 11!... Lets get started... 

10. Roasted Strawberry + Coconut Popsicles   
The popsicle craze of summer 2013 had ever food blogger in the world, making homemade  popsicles. Of course I made some as well, but I needed mine to be different. I blended roasted strawberries, thick coconut milk, lime zest, and black pepper together, waited 24hrs and POW! 

9. My smoothie diet 
While everyone was on a diet this year, I knew I needed to do something to loose a little weight that I knew worked for me, Christopher. I knew replacing one of my daily meals with a extra thick smoothie worked for me, as I had done this prior a few years ago. I went on a fab smoothie rampage coming up with delicious fruit/ veggie smoothies that I could drink and enjoy. 

8. Eating Fab had a birthday in 2013! 
Happy Birthday to Eating Fab! In 2013, Eating Fabulously turned 4 years old! Im so proud of how far along this blog has come! Its still exciting to log on every day and see the page views and I cant wait to see what happens next. 

7. DOUGH in Brooklyn 
-sigh- who doesnt love doughnuts? I had the chance to have doughnuts from DOUGH in Brooklyn and I havent forgotten about them all year! These doughnuts are thick, dense, slightly chewy and come with the best fresh toppings. I recommend the blood orange doughnut. I can not wait till the open up a brick and mortar in the city, like I'm excited. 

6. Dinner at Yerba Buena 
Yerba Buena was one of the places on my restaurant wish list for a long time, so when the chance happened for me to eat fabulously here,  I jumped at it!  The dark sexy scene at Yerba Buena with bright fun food and drinks makes this place a top 10 on my fork and knife. Its a fun play on upscale Latin food and everything I had that evening was cooked and season perfectly. And yall know how I feel about my food being cooked perfectly. 

5. Lunch at A VOCE 
A VOCE in the Time Warner Building here in NYC plays close to my heart. I had a lot of great things to eat this year, but I loved this place for lunch. I dined at A VOCE for lunch during winter Restaurant Week and was completely blown away. Restaurant Week gets a bad rap for low budget food, but lunch at A VOCE knocked down those rumors.  The care of the staff, the food, the atmosphere, made this lunch delicious. Get 2 orders of the cassoncini con di parma and thank me later! 

4. My interview with Chef Alfred Green
In all the good that came with 2013, a little sadness came as well, as my grandfather, Chef Alfred Green passed away this summer.  He was a big influence as to why I chose to become a chef, and he always told me to keep going and keep working in every restaurant possible. As I interviewed him for my blog right before he passed, we chatted about the differences that my generation faces vs. what he faced, and everything in between. 

3. Dinner at The Cecil Harlem 
My dinner at The Cecil in Harlem is the best composed meal I have had the pleasure of eating in 2013. This new breakout Afro-Asian-American restaurant is just a wonderful experience from start to finish. Im not saying this because my business partner is at the head of the kitchen, the food is actually spectacular. With African, Asian, and American influence your mind psyches itself out, thinking of all those flavors, but when you put that cinnamon fried Guinea hen in your mouth or that house made kimchi with black eye peas on your fork, you literally are blown away. Bravo. 

2. Pork 
I know.. I know.. Pork you say? Yes... pork. This year I started eating a little more pork and its literally the best thing Ive tasted. I grew up not eating beef or pork, and as I have become a chef and a fabulous eater, Ive had to become accustom to eating a little bit of both. I am not a fan of beef at all, but I have become a fan of pork. Im still not at the point where I will order a double cut Berkshire pork chop when Im dining out, but the small pieces of pork I do enjoy here and there are all worth it. 

1. The release of our book "Food is What I Do" 
2013 brought the surprising release of "Food is What I Do", a cookbook I had the pleasure of co-authoring. I was a part of a team of under 30 somethings who all wanted to put out the best possible cookbook with the references that we had. The response has been amazing and Im soo soo proud of myself and the team! I hope I get the chance to write another book in the new year! Fingers crossed.  You can purchase "Food is What I Do" on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com 

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