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Being in the food industry can take you many places, some unexpected. Whether its being a line cook in a celebrity chef's signature restaurant, owning your own food truck or appearing on a cooking show, the food industry has many outlets that fit everyone. This goes true for my long time friend Chef J. Maxwell, owner of Jerome J. Maxwell, LLC and if thats not enough he roots for NY Yankees player CC Sabathia... from the kitchen, as the prized Yankee players personal chef. I chat fabulously with Chef Maxwell, on experience, food philosophy and how he found himself fabulously in the mix with the Yankees great. 

CS - Where did you get your education?
Jerome Maxwell: I studied Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at Monroe College here in NYC. 
CS- Where have you gained your experience?
JM: I have a little over 10 years of culinary experience that has encompassed hotel, catering, restaurant, private chef, entertainment events and music video productions. I specialize in French, Mediterranean, American and Caribbean cuisine.

CS- What is your current job title?
JM: I am the Personal Chef to MLB player CC Sabathia and family. I am the Executive Chef and Owner of Jerome J Maxwell, LLC.

Chilean Sea Bass x Asparagus 
CS - What is your food philosophy?
JM:  I strongly feel that a diet is not how much you eat, but what you eat. It’s more about what you are putting into your body whether organic foods, limiting carbs, or eliminating processed foods. A healthier lifestyle and food habits are critical to keeping you living longer.

CS - What made you become a personal chef?
JM: In my opinion, restaurant business is impersonal. I enjoy seeing people’s reaction to my food. I enjoy talking directly to the patrons about the food. Also, getting to understand a person’s dietary needs is appealing to me.

CS - Differences between personal chef vs. restaurant chef?
JM: As a personal chef, you are always challenged to prepare something different. A restaurant chef usually plans a meal and has to keep the the same consistency with the meals. As a personal chef, you have to be creative each and every time you prepare a meal.

CS - Where do you go for a no fail meal?
JM: For sushi I got to Blue Ribbon, for Thai food Sea in the Meat Packing area and for French food Yatenga Bistro in Harlem.

CS - Your the chef for NY Yankee player CC Sabathia and his family. How did you connect with a Yankee?
JM: I was referred to the position by a former nanny that was dating a good friend of mine.  CC’s former chef had got another position elsewhere. They needed to hire a new personal chef. I was auditioned for the job, where I had to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner twice.  After the third interview they presented me with a cake sayings “Your hired”! 

Lobster bisque x salmon x Cajun shrimp 
CS - Whats your day to day as personal chef for the Sabathia family?
JM: Well, I am in charge of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner; grocery shopping, stock piling, overseeing inventory  purchases – in line with keeping mindful of healthy and nutritious eating.

CS - How do you help CC Sabitha maintain a healthy weight for the on and off season? 
JM: I try to keep him going with a combination between his personal trainer and myself, to create savory and exciting menus that follow the strict dietary guidelines necessary to keep CC and his family in shape, while also fueling him for his workout and trainings on and off  the field.

CS - Finish this sentence, "The best thing I had to eat so far in 2013 is.......?" 
JM: A crab cake I had in Tampa, Florida while on Spring training.

CS - 1 ingredient in your home at all times ?
JM: Smoked paprika; it’s my signature ingredient.

CS - Whats next for you? 
JM: While I run an elite chef staffing company, Im also in the works of developing a cooking show and in beginning stages of a food centered book.

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