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It seems as though every time I look up, a new restaurant is opening not just in NYC, but in Harlem. I love the fact that people are moving further and further uptown and providing us fabulous eaters with some downtown loving. Although I don't reside in Harlem I am only 2 train rides away and I spend a lot of time in Harlem. I enjoy Harlem and have eaten in some great new restaurants there, so Im always excited when a new place comes in and has some delicious eats along the way. 

This stands true for BaraWine, a recently new wine bar and restaurant housed along Lenox Ave. I had read about the opening of BaraWine on a few food blogs and of course, without a doubt added it to my restaurant list. When you walk into BaraWine, the clean minimal white space and the insanely perfectly alined bottles upon bottles of wine on the walls catch your eye. A communal table greets you in the front of the restaurant and as you walk further back, being in awe at how much wine is on display, a small dining room awaits you with tables dressed with wine glasses, and shiny flatware. Wines on the menu, highlight what the world has to offer starting from NY wineries and local breweries. 25 wines can be purchased by the glass and 200 wines can be purchased by the bottle, with wines from the US, Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  The menu at BaraWine has a great mix of French inspired favorites that fit perfectly with the wine selection. When food and wine pair with each, the meal is elevated, and BaraWine is providing that on Lenox Ave. Here's what we dined on: 

eating fabulously, wine, tuna, tartare, Harlem, BaraWine

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare - hand cut ahi tuna, Japanese seaweed x ginger soy and chili sauce 

Macaroni, Ham and Cheese - coquillette x jambon x gruyere x Black Truffles x bechamel 

Roasted Duck Magret - roasted duck breast x lentils x port wine sauce 

eating fabulously, macaroni, cheese, truffles, Harlem, BaraWine

Tuna tartare happens to be one of those dishes that I can eat time and time again and never get tired of it. I love the freshness and also that slight silkiness that comes with eating tartare, and the tuna tartare at BaraWine is just that. Complete freshness of the ahi tuna, flavor, and the simple put together presentation of the dish, I really enjoyed. Next my foodie partner and I dove into the macaroni, ham and cheese. I love different variations of mac -n- cheese, but for some reason I tend to stay at the basic homey version. Im glad I decided to try something new, because the addition of jambon, and black truffles in this creamy mac -n- cheese, had us scooping up every drop that we could. Our duck dish came to the table a medium rare piled on top of perfectly cooked lentils, with a deeply rich port wine sauce. I love duck and I swear by duck, so having this duck dish AND it be perfectly cooked to my temperature was a absolute pleasure. 

eating fabulously, duck, BaraWine, Harlem, dinner, lentils

BaraWine is definitely a place to go and have fun over several glasses of wine. Its a sexy date night spot, and its also that place where  you and your girls want to go for the latest gossip and lots of laughter. I cant wait to return to BaraWines and try other menu items, as well as many more glasses of wine. 

200 Lenox Avenue 
New York, N.Y. 10027

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