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Fall is in full swing here in NYC and its apples galore at all the grocery stores and farmers markets. Although I love apples, I am very strict about eating them only when in season, and I only eat certain kinds. Fuji apples have been my delicious go to apple for some time now, and I can eat fuji apples all day every day. Around this time last year, I had a apple called Sweetango. It had the qualities I like in a fuji apple, as in it was sweet, crispy, crunchy and slightly tart. I ate a few last year and I thought, hey! I lucked up on a couple of sweet apples from the bunch. 

Fast forward to now and SweeTango apples are here again in stores. Of course I buy a few, and eat them...and then I buy a few more..and eat them.. and then I look up and Im buying 6 at a time and now a addiction has formed. This is no ordinary apple. SweetTango apples are a fairly new apple that was introduced in 2009 with the help of the University of Minnesota. It is a new varietal and its a cross between a Honeycrisp apple and a Zestar apple. This apple is crispy and insanely sweet but has the right hint of tart acidity to it. Im deeming this now as the perfect apple!  The availability of the SweeTango apples is very short one, as the apples are harvested in late August and early September, so when the season hits and you see them in your local grocer BUY THEM ALL. I purchase my SweeTango apples from Whole Foods but be sure to keep a eye out for them at other grocery stores and farmers markets. 

To learn more about the SweeTango apple click HERE 

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