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Whenever a West Coast branches out to the East Coast, you better believe its something to try.  This was the exact case as some chef friends and I headed to Umami Burger, a West coast import that has arrived in the city that never sleeps. Umami burger has had an amazing following on the West Coast for some time now, so when I heard they were expanding to NYC, I was excited to try it.. especially since we don't have a In and Out ... but I digress. 
Getting to Umami Burger at 2pm on a sunny Wednesday and having to wait for a table only means I thing ... that something delicious is going on up in there! And it was, so hit the jump and see what we dined on. 

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Seared Ahi Burger

Umami, meaning a savory taste, which is apart of the 5 basic tastes, comes through on the menu before you even taste the burgers. There is a lot of flavor plays and combinations on this menu, and when it all comes together, it is the ultimate "umami" . 

beets, truffle, salad, Umami Burger, NYC, restaurant review

Heres what we dined on: 

Fried Pickles - Artisan crafted pickles x jalapeño ranch 
Truffled Beet Salad - Truffled ricotta x smoked almonds x wild baby arugula x truffle dressing 
Umami Cesar Salad - Kale x butter lettuce x white anchovy x fresh parmesan x lemon zest x Umamai cesar dressing 
Ahi Tuna Burger - Seared Ahi Tuna x sprouts, crushed avocado x gingered carrots x wasabi flakes x wasabi tartare 
Truffle Burger - Umamai burger blend x house truffle cheese x truffle glaze 
Truffle Fries - truffle cheese x truffle salt 
Ice cream sandwiches and apple sour cream walnut pie 

salad, Cesar, kale, Umami Burger, restaurant review, NYC
Umami Cesar 

For starters our food came out fairly quickly and we dug right in. Both salads were well dressed with bold flavors which can be very rare sometimes for a salad. The Umami Cesar was delicious, and the fresh kale, and the lemon zest made this salad an instant favorite. I didn't get a chance to sample my friends truffle burger, but upon further inspection of him eating it all, he said that the burger was cooked perfectly and the truffle flavors were awesome. The star of the table, was definitely the Seared Ahi Tuna burger. Large chunks of fresh ahi tuna, lightly seared was amazingly fresh. I didn't order a beef burger this time around, I was looking for something different and every bite I took of the burger had big chunks of tuna, and the gingered carrots added a bright crunch. Dessert graced our table, and the apple, sour cream and walnut pie was truly the winner in the dessert category. Thin slices of crisp apples, a thick crust, and this walnut crumble like topping kept out spoons busy until there was none left. A second piece was warranted... but we didn't. 

I can see why the West Coast kept Umami Burger to themselves for so long. The food is fantastic! I cant wait to go back and try more of the menu, and the desserts. There were a few other menu items that I will had my eye on for the next time around! 

432 6th Ave
New York, N.Y. 10011 
212. 677. 8626

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