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I don't remember the last time I had cotton candy.... like I literally cant recall. I am a candy fan, but I tend to stick to certain kinds of candy, specifically gummy bears and candy corn. Cotton candy was just never really my go-to. I know when you think of candy, you never think of fruit, and vice versa, but I have come across a fab find that combines the 2 together. Yes, Cotton Candy grapes, have come my way and Im in love. Cotton Candy grapes are green seedless grapes that taste like.... you guessed it..cotton candy! 

I recently had some of these delicious grapes via Whole Foods and at first, I just popped one in my mouth, because I love grapes. Then as I bit into the grape, I realized that this wasn't your ordinary grocery store fruit.   The Grapery, located in California, produces flavorful table grapes including witch finger, showcase, flavor promise, and these amazing cotton candy grapes. These grapes really do taste like cotton candy and at the very end almost has a faint taste of Champagne. Imaging having a glass of Champagne and then adding a small ball of fluffy cotton candy in the glass, stirring it and then drinking it. 

Not only are these grapes amazing, they are also non-GMO! Definitely Eating Fab APPROVED! 

To find a store near you that sells The Grapery's cotton candy grapes and other grapes CLICK HERE 

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