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I had the extreme pleasure of walking into a farmers market on accident last week and I could hardly contain my emotions. I was so excited to see all the amazingly fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that I immediately whipped out my wallet and started buying everything I could fit in my bag. Among the deliciousness, I picked up one of my favorite greens, rainbow chard. I feel in love with chard a couple years ago and haven't turned back since! Its such a quick and easy green that you can make for lunch or dinner and its flexible in the fact that it holds its own flavor, so it can be paired with a different variety of other dishes. With rainbow chard the stems come in these bright vibrant colors like deep pinks, and yellows, and purples, while some stems can also be bright white as well. It can be eaten all year round, but the rainbow variety always catches my eye in the summer. And its a practical vegetable too! Once you disregard the yucky brown stems, you can eat the whole stalk and the leafy greens! 


1 bunch rainbow chard 
6 cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced 
3T. coconut oil 
1T. butter 
sea salt
black pepper 

Trim and disregard any brown parts on the stems or stalks. Chop rainbow chard, stalks included in large pieces and rinse under cold water, making sure all dirt is removed and drain, making sure to remove excess water. Im a large pan over medium to high heat, add coconut oil and sliced garlic. Brown garlic in coconut oil, about 2 minutes and add chopped chard and stems. Season with desired amounts of sea salt and black pepper, and toss chard, cooking for about 7 minutes, To finish chard, add butter and toss. Serve hot. 


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