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Photo by Abbey H. 

Fab Eaters, its borderline summer time and everything peach is about to enter my life. I love peaches in the peak of their summer arrival and Im already thinking of a way to make a fab peach cobbler, my ever popular grilled peach and corn salad, and most likely some form of peach lemonade or iced tea . But until then, a peach smoothie will have to do. I have been keeping up with my fab smoothies, and even when I miss a few days (b/c Im human and cant fight the craving for diner breakfast ) I get right back in the groove and get familiar with my blender again. This peach smoothie has the addition of kale, and oatmeal, and when I fell off the wagon last week, this was the first thing I had when I woke up.  

As always remember  to add a little or a lot of these ingredients as best fits your needs. I like to add extra oatmeal flour, its makes the smoothie thicker and makes me feel full longer throughout the day! 

handful of frozen peaches or fresh peaches, sliced 
handful of raw kale, washed and dry 
1/2 banana, sliced 
1/2c. vanilla almond milk 
2T. vanilla non-fat yogurt 
1T. oatmeal flour 
1T. ground flaxseed 
agave, to taste 

Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse until desired consistency.  Add agave nectar to your desired taste. 

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