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Spicy salmon and rainbow roll 

Let me start off by saying, I absolutely LOVE sushi... a various number of kinds, prepared different ways, I just love it and I want a lot of it. I also have this "thing" about sushi as well...  For me since sushi is so delicate and mostly...well raw, I always take into consideration the surrounding area of the sushi restaurant. I have my qualms about location, and neighborhood, etc. Lets face it, its RAW FISH. Would you, being the fabulous eater that you are, want to eat sushi in just any surroundings? No... I didnt think so. 

I actually kind of feel bad even writing this because I really did dog out Charlie's Place, a small restaurant on Madison Ave in Harlem. I had preconceived, stuck up..chef notions of this place and I didn't eat in here for a long time, YEARS....Until recently..and now Im addicted and I cant stop! 

Charlie's Place is a small Asian themed restaurant that covers the basics.. But the good basics. Bento box's, Katsu, tempura, sushi and more are all freshly made in this small seemingly popular neighborhood restaurant. There isn't a place like this on that side of Harlem, which is great because there are always people in there when I go to grab a spicy salmon roll. I work right around the corner from Charlie's so I have to keep my cool and not have lunch there every single day. I have had an assortment of rolls and a few of the appetizers, and each time I pop in to feed my sushi craving the food is always super fresh. I usually dine in when I have time, and sit at a table and patiently await for my rolls to be sat infront of me, but I have also got my sushi to go, and its equally a delicious experience

Its not a luxurious sushi place, but the fact that the food is fresh, affordable, and of great quality is all the more reason that I keep coming here. The restaurant provides little things and pays attention to little details, and the staff is very friendly,which I love.  I apologize for judging this book by its cover.... because as I type I want like 4 rolls on the menu... 

My recommendations: 

~Shrimp Shumai 
~Rock Shrimp 
~Spicy Salmon Roll 
~French Roll 
~Rainbow Roll 
~Hawaiian Roll 

Charlie's Place 
1960 Madison Ave (btwn 125th and 126th street) 
New York, N.Y. 10035 
212. 410. 0277 
646. 789. 8061 

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