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I LOVE sweets.. I think I have stressed this before..time and time again. I dont keep a lot of sweet treats in my house because I will literally eat all of them in a couple of sittings. What the hell, I will eat them all in the same day. I especially love ice cream, and frozen yogurt, and sorbet, but like I said I dont know how to behave. 

I  had a sweet tooth while doing some blogging and the cauliflower and carrots I have in my fridge were just not going to cut it! See, this is what happens when your desperate for a sweet treat fab eaters.. You put on your creative/chef/thinking cap and and you start to conjure up all the things you can do with a fridge full of items that absolutely DO NOT MATCH. I am still continuing with my smoothies and I also have a new NINJA blender that I recently received. I recall from the infomercial that the blender made some form of frozen soft serve. With frozen blackberries in hand, and some vanilla yogurt, I whipped up some blackberry lemon frozen yogurt.. or sorbet. I dont know exactly what it is, especially since I completely came up with this recipe by accident.. But I do know that it was the perfect ending for my sweet tooth! 

**As always please feel free to alter the amounts of these ingredients how ever you like. I mixed according to my personal taste and texture. And remember to achieve that frozen texture your fruit must be completely frozen** 

Blackberry Lemon Frozen Yogurt 

handful of frozen blackberries 
2 heaping Tablespoons vanilla yogurt 
1/4c. vanilla soy milk 
a squeeze of fresh lemon juice 
squeeze of agave  
dash of salt 

Add all ingredients into a blender, food processor, or a single serve attachment for a blender. Puree until smooth. Adjust taste and texture to liking. Pour out into a freezable bowl, and freeze until set. 

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