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So the following recipe fab eaters, is a weary combination of what happens in my chef mind when I want something new to eat and have 50,000 things going on at once in life.  The April issue of Bon Appetit magazine got delivered a few weeks back, and a absolutely wonderful looking fried chicken sandwich with jalapeƱo coleslaw graced the cover. As I looked at it I clutched my pearls.. I needed this sandwich. My mission for the next few weeks was to have a fried chicken sandwich, like the one on the magazine cover that sat on my desk... in plain sight..haunting me of deliciousness. While at my internship a few weeks ago, a coconut fried chicken recipe crossed my path and the frying method in this recipe caught my eye. Cooking the chicken 2 times, using 2 separate cooking methods according to the recipe, was great and weird, and I wanted to try it. When one thinks of fried chicken you think of frying chicken! Nothing fancy, just frying floured chicken in hot oil. You dont think of cooking the chicken before frying it!  So now I have this magazine cover, and this interesting recipe and Im on a mission to make a fried chicken sandwich... And I have done just that.. 

In my recipe I used fresh chicken thighs, skin on and deboned them, simply cutting straight down the middle on both sides of the bone. Chicken thighs are so meaty and juicy, I knew they would hold up on a sandwich. I accompanied my sandwich with a lemon sesame ginger mayo. I had some sesame ginger dressing in the fridge and I added  fresh squeezed lemon juice  and thick creamy mayo to brighten it up and also add flavor to my sandwich. I encourage you to add a mayo or spread to your sandwich that you love! 

Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwiches w/ Lemon Sesame Ginger Mayo 

makes 4 sandwiches 

4 fresh skin on chicken thighs, cleaned and deboned 
1 t. white wine vinegar
4-5 egg whites
2 cups panko bread crumbs
6 T. cornstarch 
1 lemon 
1/2 cup thick mayo
1/4 cup sesame ginger salad dressing 
4 potato rolls
roma tomatoes 
boston lettuce, washed and dried 
canola oil, for frying 
sea salt
ground black pepper 
garlic powder

Heat a large skillet with about 1T. of canola oil. Season raw deboned chicken thighs with salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and white wine vinegar, making sure to evenly season all of the chicken. Placing skin side down in the skillet, add chicken and sear on both sides, about 5-6 minutes on each side. Remove chicken thighs from skillet, place on a plate and place in the fridge for about 8 minutes.  In a food processor, or with your hands, quickly crush the panko breadcrumbs. You want the panko to be course enough to evenly fry the chicken, without burning.

In 2 separate bowls, place egg whites in one and combine panko and cornstarch together in the other.  In a large pot, heat enough oil to fry chicken, having enough oil to fully submerge chicken in. Remove chicken thighs from the fridge and place in egg whites, making sure that chicken is evenly coated in egg whites, and then add chicken to breadcrumb mixture. Toss chicken in breadcrumb mixture, evenly coating and shaking off excess. Place breaded chicken thighs in hot oil and fry chicken until cooked through, about 6 minutes. 

In a small bowl, combine mayo, sesame ginger dressing, fresh lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. Wash and dry lettuce, slice tomatoes to desired thickness and season tomatoes with salt and pepper. 

When chicken is done, remove from oil, and place on a brown paper bag, or paper towels to catch excess oil. Season hot fried chicken with salt. Toast rolls and assemble sandwiches starting with mayo - lettuce - sliced tomato - fried chicken thigh - mayo - and top bun. 


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