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So quickly, lets touch upon how cut throat brunch is here in NYC! Like cut THROAT!  When I find myself with a face of sadness due to the fact that reservations are closed and the waiting list is also closed at 1pm for brunch on the Lower East Side of Manhattan recently, I wanted to fight. Literally. Like what time would I have had to be down here for the best pancakes in NYC from Clinton Street Bakery, according to NY Mag?  

After I got myself together from the disappointment of not having a stack of pancakes, my friends and I had to think quick! 2pm was quickly approaching, and we needed brunch and unlimited mimosa's. I knew Sons of Essex was in the vicinity, and with iPhones in hand, we took the 1st reservation that came up on our phones. 

Sons of Essex on the Lower East side has been on my to-do list for a while. It kinda has like a dark, old school, artisan swag serving delicious food, and classic board games in the front. Unlimited mimosa's are the key component for brunch and Son's of Essex had this covered. Food wise, the menu is really cool. Nothing on the menu is "normal" and thats the best part. 

Heres what we ordered.... 
eating fabulously, LES, Sons of Essex, christopher stewart, eggs benedict

FLOUR: Caramel Banana Buttermilk Waffles 

EGGS: Eggs Benedictowitz - poached eggs x smoked salmon x potato pancakes x hollandaise 
SIDES: Maple glazed bacon 
               Turkey Sausage 
                Eggs - scrambled w/ cheddar 

We were not starving long as the food came to our table fairly quickly. These are the largest portions of food I have seen and I am not complaining. The sides of eggs, bacon, and sausage  were huge! I feel like a 1/2 a side of bacon came to our table, and of course, everyone rejoiced. The waffle was dense and the caramel and bananas was amazing. No need for syrup, the creamy caramel covered that.  You cant really go wrong with eggs benedict and my personal favorite, smoked salmon. The potato pancakes were so thick and crunchy, with the accompanying salad on the side, my friend was full AND satisfied in a few bites. 

eggs, bacon, brunch, Sons of Essex, eating fabulously, christopher stewart

Food, ole school rap and the unlimited mimosa's are now the new normal. 

133 Essex Street 
New York, N.Y. 10002


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