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So fab eaters, Im on day 2 of my replacing 1 meal a day with a smoothie. Im still trying to work out the kinks in regards to when and what meal I want to replace. I have a lot of spinach and bananas, so this week's entries will have those 2 main ingredients. Next week (and when I get the hang of this) I will be mixing and matching with different fruits and veggies. 

I made this blueberry, banana, and spinach smoothie for dinner recently, and it was great. For some reason I got full really quickly, so I didn't finish all of it. Also, I learned that humans need to chew.. so liquid diets dont last too long. I found myself chewing this smoothie, wishing it was the fresh fish I have in my fridge but I left my carrot smoothie a little chunky and Im getting the hang of chewing... 

I dont think having a smoothie to replace my dinner will work for me. I was in bed hungry at 2am after I drank this....  ; \ 

Blueberry Banana & Spinach Smoothie 

2 heaping handfulls of frozen blueberries 
1 1/2 heaping handfulls of fresh baby spinach 
1/2 ripe banana 
1/4c. vanilla soy milk 
1t. ground flaxseed 
2T. vanilla non-fat yogurt 
agave, to taste. 

Blend all ingredients together to your desired thickness. 

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