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I am still keeping up with my one smoothie a day, fab eaters! I think that I may be a little obsessed with them! As summer AND my vacation are quickly approaching, Im really aware of getting in one smoothie a day and I have been coming up with so many combos and quick fixes that I would love to informing you fab eaters about what Ive been doing with them! 

                                             FAB SMOOTHIE TIPS + FINDINGS! 

TIP 1 - Im infusing vegetables in my smoothies. I browse my produce isle every week to pick out fresh vegetables, that I love and that would also make a great tasting smoothie. Last week I picked up some fresh baby spinach and this past week Ive been adding in carrots. I peel, slice, blanch and shock the carrots, just to knock the rawness off of them and to make them blender friendly. Im thinking my next round of vegetables will be red beets and kale.   

What vegetables do you love in your smoothies? 

TIP 2 - I realized that I actually like when the carrots are still a little chunky in the smoothies, that way I can have something to chew on since I love to chew. Its almost like a mini oral fixation for me. Also, this bunch of carrots were super sweet so adding agave to my smoothies, was not needed.

TIP 3 - Im alternating between soy milk and almond milk. My favorite so far is SILK Very Vanilla soy milk. It adds sweetness and creaminess to the blended smoothie which again, eliminates the need for so much agave. The vanilla almond milk adds a hint of nutty flavor, and I love almonds! 

TIP 4- I dont have a list of set ingredients for my smoothies. Yogurt wise, this week I have been using 2 teaspoons OR 1 Tablespoon vanilla non-fat yogurt and I love it! Again, I find that using the vanilla yogurt, I have not had to add agave in at all! 

TIP 5- I have been on a severe frozen fruit hunt! My favorites so far have been frozen peaches, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. I let my fruit defrost for about 5 min before adding into the blender. I find this makes for a creamier smoothie as well. 


handful of peeled, sliced, blanched, and shocked carrots 
frozen mango puree
3 large frozen strawberries 
2 tsp. vanilla non fat yogurt 
1/4 c. vanilla almond milk 
1tsp. ground flax seed 
1/2 banana 

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until desired smoothness. 

Find your favorite smoothie combo's using spinach with these smoothie recipes! 


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