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 I recently had the pleasure of joining in on a tasting for work, for a new project my boss is working on. And with tastings, well what could be better? Its just tons of food and snacks EVERYWHERE and we get to pick, and eat, and nosh on what we like, and decide what we dont like, which makes room for more snacking! As I was grazing over the chocolate portion of the tasting, these bright almost neon yellow clusters caught my volumous mascara'd eyes and of course I went for them. The bright yellow clusters, were coconut curry cashews, from Marich Chocolates. I love cashews anyway, so clever! I thought as I popped one in my mouth. I started chewing and instantly I was hooked. You get hit with a little bit of coconut and a little bit of curry, and then these freshly roasted cashews. Oh and they are covered in white chocolate! Im no way at all a fan of white chocolate but for these coconut curry cashews, I will make a fabulous exception! Myself and everyone at the office agreed, these cashews are APPROVED! 

Marich Coconut Curry Cashews- size varies -  ORDER HERE 


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