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Its was Restaurant Week here in NYC recently, and while everyone was complaining that Restaurant Week is played out, I was on the hunt with my fork and knife to eat some great food at a great price. Ive heard such great things about Yerba Buena, a Latin restaurant with 2 locations here in NYC, that I figured Id give it a try, and bring my new friend Kim (follow her on Instagram and Twitter) along with me! Winter is truly here, but being bundled up, infinity scarfs and all, did not stop us from heading inside Yerba Buena on Perry street in Manhattan, which is dark, sexy, and super inviting. 

Looking over the food and cocktail menu's some hard decisions needed to be made... The toughest decisions I had made that day! Like..umm what are we going to order? First off, the waitress suggested crowd favorites (which I already had my eye on) which only solidified what we were planning to order. I love asking the servers whats their fav's on the menu are, they always have a great idea of the good stuff. Our server suggested drinks. Now, I am not a huge drinker, and I know what I can and can not tolerate. So when the server suggested the Asian Sangria and the Poquito Picante to start, Kim and I both agreed. Im glad we did because both drinks were absolutely perfect! 

The Asian Sangria which is electric green in color is perfectly blended yuzu, shiso leaves, and lychee sake, and sangria is one of my favorite drinks. The Poquito Picante with jalapeño infused cointreau, was bright yellow with a slightly sweet and slightly spicy rim. These cocktails were so good, we quickly put in another drink order before cocktail hour ended!

Now, for food. Yerba Buena is one of those places where I could eat 2x-3x a week. Our food was so amazingly flavorful and cooked to absolute perfection. I raved about this meal for close to 2 weeks with friends. Heres what we ordered: 

~Empanadas de Camaron < Shrimp, manchego cheese, pineapple salad, chile de arbol salsa> 

~ Causa de Tuna <Tuna Tartare, potato salad, aji amarillo, crispy wonton > 
~Entraña < Skirt steak, Yucca Fries, Avocado Salad > 
~ Cocadas < Coconut souffle, toasted coconut, mixed berries, orange-pineapple glaze> 
~Brownies < Cheesecake brownie, apricot compote, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream > 

To start, the appetizers were delicious. I have never had (or seen) tuna tartare and potato salad paired together and their opposite textures worked well together. But the excitement of the evening for me lied in the entree, the skirt steak. When ever I order steak in a restaurant I am always weary about what temperature of doneness I want my steak to be. Cooking meat to the suggested temperature preferred by the customer is always a hard task for a line cook, and I am very particular about how I like my meats cooked. I believe Buena Yerba has some awesome line cooks, because my steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was juicy and seasoned just right and came accompanied with some of my all time favorite food combinations, yucca fries and avocado salad. I LOVEEE these 3 foods together and the way this meal was cooked, seasoned, plated, and presented, made me extremely happy  AND it was refreshing as a chef and a customer to eat and enjoy such perfection.  

YERBA BUENA                                                                     YERBA BUENA 
1 Perry Street                                                                             23 Avenue A
New York, N.Y. 10014                                             btwn Houston and 2nd Street
                                                                                            New York, N.Y. 10009 


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