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I know its a new year.

Resolutions are running ramped and lets be honest, some are probably even broken by now. My resolutions which are a variety of attainable things but one thing I have in mind is to incorporate some sort of weight loss into my life. Not a full blown diet, but just something I can do whether a cleanse or a detox. 

Of course as always on Twitter (follow me @SpeedyLVFoodie) I came across detox water.  I drink water everyday anyway so that would be nothing new. I tried this detox water recipe consisting of 2 liters of water x lemon x cucumber x mint leaves on a Monday and literally felt results by Tuesday and felt even better by Wednesday. Even though I felt better, I took to Google to look up other detox water recipes, and I found a few that even added ginger to the mix. And we all know I LOVE ginger. There's not really any strict directions or method to the madness when it comes to drinking this water, and Im pretty sure the side effects are different for everyone. I sip it through out the day and a little at night before bed.  For me, I did have a cold after drinking this water. Im assuming that was the detox part with also some increased trips to the bathroom. 

Aside from that this is a great water to add into your daily routine and with all the great qualities of the lemon, cucumber and mint, you are sure to see a change in yourself. 

** I found that the cucumber had a strong taste that over powered the water in the 1st batch, so for the 2nd batch, I used 1/2 of the cucumber.  **

photo via Foodie's Feed 

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