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NYC is home of the food truck! No matter what time of day or night for that matter, you can find a food truck anywhere is this city. With the rising boom of food trucks within the last couple of years, social media has now helped you keep up with which truck is on the move and who is parked in your area. I have definitely heard of the Wafels and Dinges truck here in NYC, but with so many things to sink my fork and knife in,I just never got around to eating one until recently. 

I was craving something different for lunch recently, and the Wafels and Dinges truck is usually parked around where my internship offices are located... PERFECT!  Like who doesn't like a hot waffle anyway? So as I marched up to the truck, deciding what to order, a sweet or savory waffle (I hear the pulled pork waffle is amazing) the woman working the truck was kind enough to instruct me on how to order since it was my first time. Honestly  all I heard this lovely woman say was "Hot soft waffle" and "Spekuloos spread" anddddddd  I was sold... I already had my money out! 

Spekuloos spread, is the amazing thick spreadable cookie butter (which you can purchase at Trader Joes) that I spoke about in a previous post . Im in love with this spread, I eat it by the spoonfuls, so I already knew that was going on my waffle. And then I saw the words "melted butter" and well ya know... 
My choice waffle consisted of the Spekuloos cookie butter x melted butter x sliced bananas. I took one bite of this delicious combination an nothing else in my day mattered. This was instantly comforting. It was rich, and borderline sinful... I was like wow this would be the best thing to eat in bed when I hate boys.. It was actually the best thing I ate that day and a few days after that! Cant wait to catch the truck again.. I will have my $7 ready and waiting! 

Wafels & Dinges 
various locations 

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